Double Fine's Humble Bundle Comes Packaged With A Weird Video...

Starring Tim Schafer as what can only be described as a game designer version of Dr Steve Brules. The Humble Double Fine Bundle itself is actually a pretty solid collection of games, combining the classic Psychonauts with some of the studio's more recent work like Stacking and Costume Quest. You like video games, right? Why not check it out.

The full list of games available is Psychonauts, Stacking, Costume Quest and Brutal Legend. Remember that Humble Bundle's work by letting you pay what you want, but you unlock Brutal Legend by paying more than the average punter pays — a figure that is currently sitting at around the $8 mark. Someone has already paid over $2000 for it. Whoa...

You can also use the Humble Double Fine Bundle to pre-order the Kickstarter funded Double Fine Adventure now known as Broken Age. You have to pay at least $35 for that privilege.

Have at it!


    I was checking this out just recently. It has an amazing collection of games. I'm definitely getting it because I haven't had the privilege to play many of Double Fine's games. Hell, I think the only one that I have played was Brutal Legend.

    Well if it's packed with Antioxidents... How can i not?

    Ah, Double Fine - so much love.

    Of course, I already own these games, but still.

    I already have all of their games, with the exception of Brutal Legend. So as tight as it sounds of me, I might hold off until the next Steam sale, where a 66% off or greater deal will make it cheaper for me. Should be in 2 months time, which should be after this semester's exam period, so it's also to keep me in line, lol.

    I will, however, take this opportunity to recommend Psychonauts to anyone who hasn't played it. If you choose to play with an Xbox controller (good idea), you can get a mod that replaces the ingame button icons with the appropriate Xbox ones.

    Ooh, Stacking and Costume Quest. Might have to give this a look-in.

    Wish it had Iron Brigade in it though.

    Bought it.

    I already owned Psychonauts, multiple times over (Xbox, PS2, and previous HB).

    Already owned Brütal Legend. What the hell, I had fun with it, wouldn't mind playing it again. Brütal sound track! Oh, did anyone mention the soundtrack is available with this bundle?

    Already a backer for Broken Age. Already got the t-shirt. Not the same t-shirt, but mine does have the word Adventure in large, friendly letters on the cover, errr, front. I like mine better.

    I did not have Stacking and Costume Quest. Bonus for me!

    Mmmmmm, Double Fine. Tasty, Juicy, and full of Fibre.

    From the sound of it, it is just the original music. If you want the licensed tracks, you'd probably have to find some way of extracting them from the game.

      Enterprising folks on TPB did put together a compilation of the licensed tracks - AFAIK there's never been an official release. However, the original soundtrack is really pretty damn good.

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