EA Announces The Sims 4. I Remember The Sims...

Although I can't help but feel that the series peaked at The Sims 2, you might be interested to hear that EA has announced the existence of The Sims 4. You might be. You also might hate The Sims, I don't know!

According to the release The Sims 4 seems to be focusing on the offline experience. It refers to celebrating "the heart and soul of the Sims themselves, giving players a deeper connection with the most expressive, surprising and charming Sims ever in this single-player offline experience". That may seem strange considering EA's insistence on always on with Sim City, but I guess it makes sense considering the target audience. The Sims has gone from being something that almost everyone with a PC wants to play, to something a little less interesting to you or I. That's probably a little presumptuous — you may still play The Sims everyday, but I'm guessing you probably don't!

Still, I have a soft spot in my heart for The Sims. My wife and I used to play together and, for a while there, she was completely obsessed with the game, constantly building impossibly enormous houses using the money cheat, raising our virtual kids. At one point The Sims was a potent cultural force and something you talked about with your friends: with gaming friends, non-gaming friends. The Sims really crossed over in that way.

I'm sure The Sims still makes bucketloads of cash, and I'm sure this announcement will make a lot of fans happy, but it just reminds me of better times for the series!

The Sims 4 s heading to PC and Mac in 2014 and is being developed by The Sims Studio.


    Really like to highlight here: Not always-online.

    being able to play offline will win a lot of "the sims" fans

    I never really played The Sims, I couldn't really find the "game" in it and it never held my interest. I got the impression from the other kids at high school that it was probably the nude patches that helped it become such a huge hit, though.

      I had great fun playing the original Sims, despite my numerous failed attempts at getting a nude patch to work.

    Each new base release of The Sims gets more stripped down to allow for content to be added later for a price. In The Sims 4 you will start with an non-customisable character and a cardboard box with beggar being the only career. That is until you go into The Sims Store and have to pay real money for every pattern, hairstyle, piece of furniture etc. in the game. EA is going to go full retard with this one.

    As long as they don't expect an additional $40 every 3 months when they release new content, I /might be interested in this game.
    Has anyone looked at the total cost of Sims 3 on Steam? It's approaching $400 for everything

    These games only really got good about six months after launch when the community started writing content & patches.

    Also, how are we at Sims 4?

    So how many thousand expansions and DLC items are going to be designed for this one? Anyone got a guess?

      Seasons, pets, university, night life to start with.

      How many sposored product placements you mean? Like Ikea furniture, or GE appliances, or Sony/Panasonc/Bose entertainment good, and so on...

    Bring back the old game back in 2001 of the sims online.... that u turned to ea land and destroyed. ..so much fun with people... at least make LAN version

    I love the fact that now they can make a people feel like hey its ok simply by saying hey guys its offline.

    Hate to say it, but I reallllly hated Sims 3. I mostly hated how all of the Sims faces were so similar ! All of the Sims had to have roundish faces with the same features. It was too hard to make one that looked like a certain person because they all ended up with those dumb faces. Sims 2 on the other hand ! I loved how you could edit the crap out of faces and yet they all looked different ! I loved Sims 1 when it came out, and Sims 2 was amazingly fun even if I did spend all my time just building houses but Sims 3 sucked.

    The gf and I still enjoy the Sims 3 with a few of the expansions, should be interesting.

    If they were ever want to try release a full fledged retail title on a tablet, I think this would be a great one to try it with. It would fit perfectly on it.

    Do we really think EA would announce another Online game with the word Sim in it?

    I remember the Sims 2. I installed it, absolutely hated it and was bored shitless, but couldn't stop playing.

    After three weeks in a moment of strength I uninstalled it.

    The last EA game I bought for PC was The Sims 2. Now that EA have Origin, im quite reluctant to purchase any new EA game, Offline mode or not.

    Im sorry to say that if Origin is the only way to play it on PC, then i will not get it, no matter how much i enjoyed the sims.

    How about have a Full game! Sims 3 has pathetically striped of character designs - They took out everything so they could invade peoples pockets thru "DLC/Add ons"

    The Sims 2 was one of my guilty gaming pleasures. I'd play it like a junkie for for a few weeks, get over it, put it away for a couple of months then get sucked back in again.

    The thing that made 3 a disappointment the inability to play more than one household in a region. Being stuck in a single, serial storyline just broke the game for me.

    I hope that's something they fix in 4.

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