EA Sports And Xbox One To Have ‘A Very Special Relationship’

FIFA, Madden, NBA Live and UFC will all launch for Xbox One in the next year, Andrew Wilson, EA Sports’ head, just said at the Xbox One event. They will be powered by the new EA Sports Ignite engine.

Ignite is “new technology that allows players to make decisions with four times more calculations per second”. It also supports “10 times more animation detail.”

“Our games are now living worlds, with 3D crowds, dynamic sidelines and a daily stream of new content that impacts the game you play.

Wilson also announced that the EA Sports/Xbox One partnership will deliver exclusive content in FIFA’s popular ultimate team mode only to the game’s Xbox One version.


  • A very special relationship? Didn’t EA say they had one of those with Nintendo a year or so back?

    • They said EXACTLY this. EA once again showing that they like to make big promises, but rarely follow through.

      • Given the fate of the Wii U and the reaction to today’s announcement, I’m wondering if Sony paid EA for exclusive rights to NOT have a special relationship with them.

  • UFC sounds exciting with the new engine. Always be a 2K follower now though, EA really lost that race around 2005/2006.

  • But who cares about DLC, it never sells a console.
    PS4 is still getting these games so we dont care cause Sony have a Special Relationship with Bungie for Destiny to have Exclusive DLC on PS4.
    From the looks of PS4’s launch and recent rumours, Sony have a special relationship with Capcom and Square Enix for PS4.
    Also I should mention, sony fans dont care. While Xbox gets their stupid boring games like Halo and Gear of War, we know for a fact that Sony have better games.
    PS4 are gonna get Killzone, InFamous, Eight Days, The Getaway, God of War, Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, Uncharted, The Last of Us sequel, Gran Turismo, Twisted MetalThen we got the Massive Lineup of Launch Titles the PS4 is Heavily Rmoured to have.

    Sony have said their main attention is towards the games, and Sony have never had issues with Exclusive games cause of their Large Amount of talented First Part and Third Party Developers. And Developers arent massive fans of having exclusive Rights with Microsoft because of their Demands, while Sony dont release games untill the Developers are ready.

    Microsoft are stuffed. Plus Xbox dont get exclusive content for cod for long, PS4 will get everything Xbox get a month later anyway.

    So lets see who is the winner. Sony that has MASSIVE support from the Most Talented Developers in the world or Microsoft who have support from EA, a company everyone hates.
    Ahahahaha good luck microsoft, this TV thing wont help. Sony allready came up with that idea with PlayTV, and Sony will most certainly build on that tech for ps4.

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