EA's Star Wars Games Will Run On The Frostbite Engine, Which Doesn't Bode Well For The Wii U

When EA won't port sports titles like FIFA or Madden to a console, you know things are bad. For a while there it was almost impossible to name a single console that EA didn't port its major sports titles to — but that's precisely what's happening to the Wii U. And now that EA has acquired exclusive rights to core Star Wars titles, it doesn't look like you'll be seeing Darth and his cronies on a Nintendo console anytime soon.

Adding further nails to that coffin was Johan Anderson, the Technical Director on DICE and EA's Frostbite engine. Today he tweeted the following...

And followed that tweet up with this little gem:

So essentially it boils down to this: EA already has a troubled relationship with the Wii U, the Frostbite engine even more so. The fact that EA's Star Wars games will be developed on Frostbite 3? That could be the final nail in the coffin for any 'core' Star Wars titles being released on the Wii U.


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    They're being made by EA, which doesn't bode well for the Wii U.

    This is a bad thing?

    EA fell to the Dark Side a long time ago.
    The E(A)mperor's dark reign is just beginning

    But what EA's Star Wars games will do, is have P2W microtransactions.

    Think of how much money is spent on middleware... EA is desperate to cut costs. Having all your studios using an in house engine is one way to do that.

    I can't wait to not play them because they're all online-only microtransaction-ridden DRM-encumbered Origin-requiring trash.

    There is absolutely no way FB3 has unsurmountable issues with the Wii U hardware, but not with the PS3 or 360. The only possibility is that the engine isn't set up well for multithreading, and even then i'd say there would have been pre-existing workarounds for the PS3's hilarious architecture.

    The Wii U has industry standard/compliant GPU architecture, and its CPU architecture is in line with the trend of the industry (mobile, console, and pc) towards parallel processing, OoO, and lower clock rates. This is nothing like the situation with the Wii's technical incompatibility, and is entirely down to EA trying to intimidate a hardware manufacturer that is also a software juggernaut. Game on.

    Why would anyone make games for the Wii U anyway? No-one fucking knows it exists, let alone bought one. Well. Except a few fanboys.

    *takes cover*

    ... yer I dont know what I Wii U is..

    I've seen some pictures of like a game boy type thing.. Can't really call that a console.

      yer like what even is that thing? Like I once saw a kid playing a wii and he was like all hypo and stuffs. And like the gameboy is crap anyway the lynx is way better with colors and more batteries and heaps of more fun games like dinolympics and turbo sub. Also playstation is cool and xbox is fun because my friend has both and I can play them whenever he is home and he has lots of games...

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