Even eBay Is Making The Most Of The Xbox One’s Bad PR

Even eBay Is Making The Most Of The Xbox One’s Bad PR

We’ve all had our fun with the Xbox One’s less-than-stellar reveal, but the console’s problems are more than just a joke for eBay; they’re a way for Nintendo to make some sales.

eBay Germany’s Facebook page ran the above ad over the weekend. The image is fine, but it’s the text underneath that’s getting the jab in. it reads:

-Keine Gebraucht-Spiel-Sperren
-Keine Online-Pflicht
-Kein Gedöns

Which translated means:

– No used-game locking
– No mandatory online
– No fuss


Wii U [eBay Germany, via Destructoid]


    • totally agree, I really hope nintendo can hang in there. the wii u has so much potential, they just need to catch a break preferably before the next gen consoles get released and smash any chance they have of persuading customers to buy their console instead

      • If I were Nintendo, right now I’d be riding the whole traded games thing to the max. “Buy a Wii U, the ONLY console where you can enjoy a games market that doesn’t lock you down like a prison camp…”

        • Whatever happened to all those stories about virtual console purchases being non-transferrable?

          • Virtual Console purchases are tied to your account now aren’t they? Not the individual machines like they were with the Wii and the DS/3DS? We lost a lot of my sons pocket money because of that when his original 3DS started playing up (the wireless died) and we got him a new one, the XL. EB employee didn’t inform us we had to do the swap over when they had the deal going on to trade in the 3DS originally. Turns out they were told though to inform people just in case. What made it worse was when I went back in there two days later to get his 3DS to rescue the purchases, EB games had sold the 3DS already, which isn’t allowed. When buying second hand goods, by law you have to hold them for a period of time just incase they do turn out to be stolen despite the amount of ID one can produce. We had to do that at Cash Converters when I worked there in 98, it still goes today in any reputable 2nd hand industry. But they sold my boys 3DS merely two days later.

            Jokes on them, the wifi didn’t work 😉

            When we complained to the EB head office, they were however nice enough to order the manager of the store to give my son 2 3DS games of his choice to make up for their staff members error, so there’s that at least.

          • I think stuff is tied to an account, but still to the console as well, so if your WiiU dies or gets stolen you have to contact Nintendo to get your stuff transferred.

          • They werent able to with the 3ds as its tied to the console itself according to ninty when we rang. I do hope thats diff now.

          • Not yet, as far as I know, once you transfer Wii purchases over to Wii U they then dissapear from the Wii.

            Ninty say they are working towards a unified system like Sony have, but we continue to wait.

  • Mr Plunkett going in for the kill against the xbone…once again…what a surprise…give it a rest mate

  • FFS I’m getting sick of these headlines. “The Xbox One’s Bad PR” only exists because sites like Kotaku have decided that a console should never be able to do more than play games. We know next to nothing (beyond innuendo and hearsay) about the console side of the Xbone, so why is every single story on every single gaming site dedicated to the “failure” of the reveal? Why can’t a console be both an entertainment system and a gaming system? Why shouldn’t a console be both?

    As far as region-locking – that restriction that pretty much every console has had, forever – is it really that much of a game-changer? Is being able to buy a game for $50 from Amazon better than being able to buy a game for $50 from ozgameshop? Are these (rumoured) used-game restrictions really such a hassle when EB charges $10 below retail for used games anyway?

    At this stage, as much as it’s killing the gaming media, we really don’t know how the Xbone functions as a console, so we shouldn’t be jumping at shadows. For all we know, the game-lending situation might be as simple as ‘a game can only be installed on one account at a time’.

    • Listen, its fun and games right now but you know we’ll forget it all once they’re released, just like we stopped complaining about the 360 being region locked and the ps3 not having cross game chat pretty much straight away too.

      • Much like they’ve all forgotten about the large update the Wii U required on first start up, that bricked the device, if the connection was interrupted.

      • Really.. I still complain about no cross game chat haha. It just made the experience so inferior once you’re use to the likes of party chat. Lets hope they get it right this time eh?!

    • For a global reveal of a gaming console showing a box that plays American TV was pretty much a failure. Will E3 set things right, well yeah. But to pretend they haven’t screwed up doesn’t help anyone. Heck it’s not too late to change the 24 hour thing (if it’s real, and I’m not convinced it is) to a one off registration.

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