Everything Wonderfully Insane About Harley Quinn In One Perfect Figure

I'd say the exclusive head on Sideshow Collectibles' new Harley Quinn figure has a face only a deranged lunatic could love, but I'm worried about what that says about me.

Sporting a full cloth costume, a giant wooden mallet and her trademark jester headgear, the standard version of Sideshow's premium format rendition of Harleen Quinzel is a fair representation of what the character looks like in the cartoon and comics. She's the Harley Quinn we see wandering the halls of comic book conventions in large numbers — easy mode Harley. Anyone can put on a mask and be recognised as the Joker's girl Friday.

But there's much more to Harley than a mask and a mallet. There's the sass — the most deadly sass you ever did see. I'd say attitude, but that brings to mind early 90s video game mascot characters wearing sunglasses and surfing on sharks. She doesn't have an attitude — she is an attitude.

She's this attitude, right here.

Such a brat. She's perfect.

Standing 21 inches tall and weighing 9 pounds, the premium format Harley Quinn is now available for preorder at Sideshow Collectibles. You've got to have mad love for the character to shell out $US359.99, but that face is enough to make anyone go a little crazy.


    Every time I see one of these my thought process is this.
    Oh god I need that
    Oh god I also need to eat for the next few weeks

    Also, is it just me but can I see a bit of nip?

    Last edited 17/05/13 1:47 pm

      That's 'attention to detail nip'. Not enough to override the rest of the figure, but just enough to make an impression. The perfect balance.

        "Yeah, so I was hanging out on the Internet with a bunch of folks chatting about the subtlety of the nipples poking through the costume on a plastic figurine. What were you up to?"

        "Raising funds for that orphanage I run in Tibet."

        You have blocked NiceGuy86.

    I always found Harley damn sexy...don't know why damn she is

      Crazy in the head, crazy in the bed! ;)

      Me too. I think it's because she very closely resembles a handful of women I've dated, but when I started thinking about it, I'm not sure that I didn't select them because they resembled her.

      Also, @gus speaks truth.

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