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You've just woken up. It's a brave new world. There is a new Xbox console and it is called the Xbox One. Everything you need to know about this new device can be found here. This is home base. We will be updating this post as news breaks and keeping you informed on all the latest info on Microsoft's brand new console.

The Live Blog

Xbox Reveal: The Live Blog Just in case you want to relive the conference and our reactions as they happened

The News

Xbox One Does Require Internet Connection, Can't Play Offline Forever Of Course You Can Pre-Order The Xbox One At EB Games Xbox One's Live TV Will Not Be Available In Australia At Launch, Requires A Separate Device Xbox One In Australia: 'We're Looking At The Nuances In Each Market' Sony's Stock Jumped Up During Microsoft's Xbox One Reveal Xbox One Is Not Always Online, But It Seems To Block Used Games The New Xbox LIVE Is More Powerful, More Personal The Next Xbox Is Called Xbox One Snap Mode Is The Xbox One's Revolutionary New Interface Steven Spielberg Is Making A Halo TV Series For Xbox One

The Machine

These Official Photos Make The Xbox One Look Like A Scary Robot Kinect 2: Full Video Walkthrough Under The Hood Of The Xbox One This Is The New Kinect For The Xbox One Watch Live TV With The New Xbox One

The Games

Take A Look At The Improved Tech Behind Call Of Duty Ghosts Here's Quantum Break, The New Game From The Creators Of Alan Wake Call Of Duty Ghosts Gives You A Dog, Customisable Multiplayer Avatars Here Is What Forza Will Look Like On Xbox One EA Sports And Xbox One To Have A Very Special Relationship


    Highly unimpressed.

      Yeah it was pretty terrible overall. Seems to be way to focused on tv more so than games.

        Yeah bit meh of an intro. I am hoping though they used this as a here it is, this is what it is blah blah. And will be showing a lot more during E3. 15 exclusives could be cool.

        Which was basically the business model for the 360 for a year or two, after Foxtel on Xbox became available here.

        Who cares. Do you think xbox one will have the graphical power of a nintendo 64 or something? They focused on the entertainment division because that's what they provide that other companies do not. E3 is where they will go to battle with their launch titles and exclusives. There is no point at revealing a new console and solely focusing on what games it can play. A game console that plays games, who would have thought. If you are going to spend $600 on a console, playing games should should the basic feature it provides and the entertainment side is the icing on the cake.

        It would have been stupid to showcase their launch titles in that reveal. That is why they attend E3 every year.

        Sony will have to wow with their console reveal and Microsoft will reveal their games at E3. Microsoft will win where it counts.

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          $600!!! F#ck me! Let me put it out there right now - I am NOT spending $600 on any console - no matter how good it purportedly is! I also have a sneaking suspicion that neither of these new consoles will be priced above US$400 and I'd expect similar to USD pricing in Australia or else they'll find a whole lot of people not buying.

            I think the $6–700 mark is highly realistic. I paid $800 for my Samsung Galaxy S4 and it's just a phone (and a complete pineapple to be typing this comment with!). A high end video card is around the 1k mark. I've been hunting a new laptop and there's no way 1k will get me anything close to the specs of either the new Xbox or the PS4. So don't be too put off by a pricing. Unless both companies highly subsidise hardware costs.

              To be fair, as far as I recall most consoles sell at a loss on release just to get them into the market.

            I spent $4000 on my PC. Really is $600 all that much of an investment when it will last the next 10 years? I think not. It's peanuts, that's what it is.

      You are all going to by this anyway, so stop complaining.

        you mean buy right??

        everybody has a right to complain and make comment...if you don't like it don't read the comments

        I won't be buying one that's for sure

        You are all going to by this anyway, so stop complaining.

        Actually I'm not. I usually buy at least one of each console, I happily brought four XBOX 360's since launch and got my money's worth out of each of them, I own a PS3 even though I think it's a joke of a console, but this presentation has put the XBOX One in a place where I'm actually not comfortable buying one.

          I thought the same thing about the PS3, but services like PS+ have relly filled me with confidence regarding the PS4. Nonetheless, my primary platform is PC, so I'm mostly focused on the exclusives anyway.

            And just to add to the point through dissent.
            I've never felt the need to buy a single xbox console, this gen or last, offers absolutely nothing I'm interested in except maybe that Banjo Kazooie remake. And I think the PS3 is probably on par as my second favourite (non handheld) console of all time at this point. But that's okay, respecting other people's opinions and all that.

            Conversely I don't think people should 'shut up' about the PS3's faults just because I enjoy it. Shocking I know.

            I should say yes - PS+ makes the PS3 outstanding value, though at this point in the cycle I have so many games on 360 it makes very little sense to get a second box - it's just a pity that (apart from the Wii) we never did hit that $99-$150 price point that consoles seem to get to every other generation

        Yep. I'm not getting one on the strength of this reveal either. PS4 is definitely cemented in as my most anticipated of The Two Left, and by far the more likely to get my dollars.

        Despite the poor English I'm with Super on that. I love reading comments like "I own 8 Xbox 360's (one for each room of the house), three PS3's, a few Wii's and Gameboy for the backyard but I just don't know about this one." I don't know if parents just buy kids whatever they want these days, or if disposable incomes are a sh!t tonne better than the popular press reports but there are a lot of people that will snap this up simply because it is new.

        I won't be, still don't own a PS3 or 360 and there's no enticement to buy the new Xbox either. PS4 I am intrigued in though.

      Yeah, not overly impressed with the name, Kinect-mandatory and the rumours/inconsistencies with Always-online and used games.

      It was predictable Microsoft: Entertainment hub, Kinect, Halo, Forza and bending the consumer over a barrel.

      To be Honest, i found that Youtube comedy week more interesting and entertaining than this new xbox, and the comedy week was very very un-interesting and un-entertaining.

      I Agree have you seen the new watch dogs trailer

    Hold on... Wasn't the Xbox 1 released in 2001? It looked better too. Reminds me of the wii u naming fiasco, in anycase I think I'll skip this gen and just upgrade my pc and get an occulous rift...

      Understandable if you're usually a PC gamer, but assuming you've been a console gamer up until this point, I bet you'll end up buying at least one of the next gen systems (Xbox 1 or PS4).

      The name is tres stupid. I don't know which genius came up with it, bit it's like they don't realisie how many people refer to the original xbox as xbox 1, just like with PSone. Sure, we didn't call em that when they were current, but come on.

    That was a terrible reveal, barely showing any games and mostly focusing on the TV stuff.

    I like the controller but am not excited for the console.

    Im excited for it but I will reserve my judgment for E3 to see there game line up alot of people are saying show more games but if they did what would they have to show at E3 but they could of shown a few more games to wet our interest

      I think thats spot on mate. I'll wait a few more weeks when both games consoles have had their games conference then there will be no secrets.. then we judge them :)

      I think they're also trying to distance gamers from the key announcements here. They know the people who will be upset by things like the online requirement don't really care about the other stuff they've announced here. So at E3 they'll probably do a more gamer centric showcase and try and steer things away from what we've seen today.

        But why alientate what theoretically should be your easiest consumer base?

    Looks like this was all about the multimedia functions rather than gaming. With E3 just around the corner it's a pretty smart move to draw non-gamers in, if any actually care. E3 should show more of the games.

    I'll still pick one up regardless. I really don't like this install all games, it's exactly what turned me off ps3 but I'll wait until I have one in my hands before I pass judgement. Either way I have no problem with the semi always on, so long as it actually works, which in Australia is a bit of a gamble

    Well MS found their own way of not "displaying" a console. Its just a black brick. Not surprising of course, since its simply practical and most users want to stack it into their media unit anyway. Had a chuckle though at Techspots coverage calling it "sleek". Well yeah, 1980s sleek I guess.

    No surprises elsewhere either. Spec-wise PC gamers can reasonably hope for better times now.

      If it had cylindrical silver feet it'd go nicely with my amp/receiver. If I were to get one. Which I likely wont. That being said, I appreciate a flat top on a console.

    I wonder what drives someone to be unimpressed by this?

    I wonder what you actually want, and i worry for your sanity because it's something you are not going to get.

    Do you like games? Yes, then get it and shut up. No, don't get it and shut up.

      We do like games, but what games did you see?

      Microsoft made it clear that Games are not their main interest anymore and lets be honest, apart from gamers who is really going to be watching that conference?

        The reveal was about the console and the new features it's bringing to the table. We'll see the games at E3.

          I have serious doubts about that. The fact is, this presentation was perfectly consistent with the 360's direction in the las three years: entertainment service before games. It's a brain dead strategy too, because most of that functionality is inbuilt into newer TVs. There's no real attempt at product differentiation in this announcement at all.

            I think the games are a bit of a no brainer to be perfectly honest. Microsoft have been focusing on other stuff the last few years because the games have been flowing on the 360 and I'm sure this will continue.

            The controller and technology are functionally similar enough to PS4 that they will both get all the same cross platform games and a few exclusives each. They've focused on the TV shit here because those are the things they think separate it from the PS4.

            They announced Forza 5 and said they were working on 8 new games which are probably exclusives. If you aren't trying to be a negative Nelly it's a fair assumption that more games are coming at E3 just as they were the last 2 generations.

              I read on CVG that they said within the first year, they should have 15 exclusive titles. At least, I'm pretty sure I did...

                Yeah you did. 15 exclusives of which 8 will be new, I was just going off what I remembered from the conference.

                I’d guess at least 1 or 2 of those games will be “new kinect” arcade games. I don’t really understand why people are so concerned about a lack of games last night. It looks like we’ll all be playing Forza 5, Call of Duty, FIFA, Assassins Creed 4 and several others games by Christmas. Even from here that’s a fairly solid launch in my book.

                  Here's my analysis of the fifteen exclusive games:

                  You have to think about who's making exclusives for the xbox. Third parties aren't producing many exclusive titles any more, MS has only two decent first party studios (the guys that make Forza and the guys that make Halo). Even if they had both studiod work on two games apiece, only four of the games will be quality internal titles.

                  One of the fifteen will be probably be a gears game. The rest is probably first-party kinect shovel ware. They may also be including timed exclusives.

                  I might be wrong of course. We'll find out for sure at E3.

                  Just realised that fifteen new IP exclusives. That makes my analysis even bleaker unless they have secret suite of studios.

                  Let's not forget Microsoft's use of exclusive being often synonomous with 'timed exclusive."

            Keep in mind Microsoft's other strategy, buying up exclusives. The entertainment stuff can be obnoxious enough that it hogs the spotlight, but they'll continue to run with their 'keep it off the other consoles' strategy.

    Now THAT is what i call an x'BOX'!
    I just can't wait to see the games. PS4 we all know will have kickass titles. Microsoft have something to prove here, and I hope they are successful.

    Last edited 22/05/13 7:12 am

    Well I for one would like to thank Microsoft. Now I can fully commit to PC gaming and not be worried about missing out on anything.

      Hopefully there's a wired version or a wireless dongle for the controller so it can be used on PC. Games with force feedback on the triggers would be pretty neat.

    I don't know, as someone that watches very little TV, what exactly is there for me to get excited about? This Worldwide announcement, felt like the World Series of Baseball.

      Ditto. I watch sweet f**k all TV, precisely because I have a console. News and Game of Thrones is about the only thing I watch and I get that all on my iPad. The rest of my time using my TV is either:
      a) playing games; or
      b) watching Blu Rays.
      I really don't have any interest in a cable box with a smart UI, because I don't watch cable. This announcement did nothing to excite gamers, almost did exactly the opposite. Really, the only people who cared about this announcement were gamers, everyone else wasn't listening, but they pitched it to the people who weren't listening and ignored the gamers.

    "But I bought the Xbox 1 in 2001, why are they re-releasing it?" - idiot shoppers. It's almost like the WiiU naming problem.

      No., this won't happen at all. Nobody is THAT stupid and it's been a long long time since you could buy an XBOX on the shelves.

      Anybody who bought an XBOX 12 years ago who still has an interest in the One is going to know the difference.

      The problem with the WiiU is the names are so similar, consoles back to back, out of line with Nintendo's previous naming strategies, not a clear generational leap graphically and a lot of the people who bought a Wii are not gamers/ tech savy.

        I think you are overestimating the intelligence of the common shopper ;)

        Realistically I don't think the name will be a big problem but there will be some people who think "1 is less than 360", might have vague memories of the PSOne being a re-release of the first playstation console, and make the assumption that the Xbox One is the same sort of thing.

        But I'm just poking fun after watching an underwhelming reveal.

          Heh, you actually make a pretty good point about the PSOne thing even if you were just joking around. I hadn't thought of that.

            Even if it doesn't directly confuse, it's conversationally awkward too. It for some reason reminds me of IBM Lotus Notes having by default unread messages showing in the colour red. This makes for some frustrating conversations when talking to the non-tech savvy.

              "So I had a go on my XBOX the other day..."

              "Which one?"

              "The first one."

              "Oh, you mean XBOX 1!"

              "...Uh, no. The original XBOX."

              "I don't remember there being one called that..."


                While I don’t think it will be an issue at all, (when was the last time someone who said “I’m going home to play Xbox” was asked which one?) I must admit, when they were talking about the 3 different internal architectures (which turned out to be The Xbox One, Windows and something else I can’t remember) during the presser they stated with “The first is the Xbox One architecture” and I thought for a few seconds the console contained backwards compatibility for all three consoles 

      EXACTLY my first thought. Surely they've learned from Nintendo's difficulties that it is not wise to give an old name to a new product? I guess the difference here is that the original XBOX was two generations ago, instead of one.

    I've been a console gamer since the Master System and my primary machine at the moment is Xbox 360, though it's looking increasingly likely that I wont be there next generation.

    A custom built gaming and media PC hooked up to a TV with Steam big picture mode sounds far more appealing at the moment.

    I'm not keen on being forced into the tightly controlled and tailored gaming "experience" that MS wants us to have.

      That's what I have at the moment. Not only is it my movie and TV watching machine, but plays games too. Cost about $500 including some spare parts. Runs all my Steam games (300+), but can be much cheaper if you only want a media server.

      I haven't turned on my PS3 in over a year.

    i was seriously hoping for IllumiRoom for xbox one. its like increase in hardware. Hoping to get some insight in E3

    Underwhelmed. So lets get this right. They have a games console. Now they are focusing more on it being a glorified multimedia machine. Might not be able to play used games. Isn't backwards compatible. But its a gazillion times more powerful.


    Well Microsoft, you talked your way out of my money. PC gaming it is!

      E3 is just around the corner. They will show off the games there. They already said 15 brand new IP exclusives for the Xbox One.
      There is still no confirmation about used games. But i will assume the single player aspects will be 2nd handed and you can buy a cheap "online" access code like many Ps vita titles do atm.

      Either way both being based around PC will just make better ports and pc games :)

    Do not want. Ima buy Sony this generation, it appears.

    Forza and EA Sports? Yeah, I'll take my no games for the Wii U, thanks.

    Irregardless of what Microsoft have done with their next console, I will be getting one. If I am to experience any sort of next-gen gaming then this will be it. It has a lot to do with TV programming granted but come on. If you want the next generation of games just get one :) stop be-littling the reveal event. Of course they won't reveal 'everything' about the console right now. Xbox has done right by me. I have never experienced gaming like I have with the xbox, especially with friends. I have unforgettable moments with this console and memories to last a lifetime.

    Bring on Xbox One, I am ready :)

      Irregardless isn't a word.

        Irregardless of his whacky wording. I agree with him.

          Irregardless is short for "Infra-Red Regardless" Geez. it's like no one knows anything around here. I feel like I am taking crazy pills or something.

    PS4: game focussed
    Xbox One: entertainment unit with some 'blockbuster' sports games and shooters targeted at teenage boys
    Wii U: paperweight

    I've gone back and forth between consoles and PC's since my NES. I think this time around I'll be building a Steam box to put in the living room and waiting patiently for the Oculus Rift to get a retail release.

      I think I'll be getting the xbox one as my main 3rd party console (at launch) and the PS4 for its exclusives (def not at launch). No real bias except I prefer the thumbstick layout on xbox and of course my irl friends are xbl gamers just like me. So next gen will be the same as this gen for me, with a better pc...

    all hail the Xbox US Entertainment System... you know.. cause half that bullshit they're on about won't work in other countries...


    Going into the next gen I see it like this...

    PS4 - Gaming console w/ media capabilities
    WiiU - Gaming console
    XOne - "Entertainment" system w/ game capabilities

      That's because the US think they are the centre of the universe. They did a survey a while back and 80% of people tested could not locate the US on a map.

        this made me laugh. They could point up to the sky and say "the center" and they would think it is right.

      Yup. Despite their promises of "eleventy billion jiggaflops of servers" or whatever they were saying that was running Xbox Live, I'll bet Australia will get a dusty Gateway PC with a 386 processor to handle this territory. Or we'll all be lumped in with SE Asia, or simply face massive latency pinging back to the US.

      And, of course, subscription prices and games - what ones that are available in Aus - will be mysteriously higher than the US versions, because "that's what Aussies are used to".

    Looks nice but I want a game console that's built for gaming all I saw was a TV tuner/blu ray player.

    A mate of mine pointed out it looks like the old foxtel boxes... suiting given its tv focus. Its just so plain... I do have to see games before judgement is passed though. Dont like the boomerang look of the controller though.

      The controller does look like something you can now throw if you rage :) I'm not sure about the 'guide' button at the top of the controller...

        Careful. Itll circle back around and kill you. Its why they cancelled the original ps3 controller!!!

      From a practical standpoint, I'm actually pretty happy with the design of the housing. For the very first time since the CDTV we have a console that can sit comfortably in a home entertainment unit stack.

    Xbox One. The console designed in and made for North America.

    No backwards compatibility? Go home MS, you're drunk.

      No back compat is a good thing. PowerPC is well past its use-by date.

      I don't know about you, but I plan on keeping my Xbox 360 for a while after this new one releases. Original Xbox 360 games will surely be dirt cheap by then.

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