Explaining Frames Per Second (And Motion Blur)

Frames-per-second. Motion blur. They're terms you're probably familiar with if you've ever tinkered with game settings or even casually followed games hardware, but just what do those terms actually mean, and how do the laws that govern them actually work?

This is how.

Frames-per-second [Site, via Josh Sawyer]


    Slow clap. I award worst article today to this. The link explains nothing and refers you to Wikipedia.

      That site gives people a chance to see the basic differences in FPS. I think that's pretty useful.

        The article claims it explains something which it does not do. I would call that pretty useless.

        BTW - both Plunkett and his reference are wrong. They have confused motion blur with persistance of vision. So everyone os now dumber.

        I agree, the site is useful. Which is why I've used it to explain to some mates why 60fps when gaming is worth reaching for.

        I also agree the article isn't great, but the page it directs to is.

    I don't know about you, I played with the motion blur tool for quite some time. I made up for the lack of writing this article offered

    Plunkett has outdone himself with this piece of shit. I wish we could report articles the same way we can report comments.

    I'd like to say i called it, but when i saw the title promise and the writer, i knew it wouldbe another link"story"

    these comments are really something

      Indeed. Intelligent people pointing out that the author and his single reference are completely wrong (again) is really something. Motion blur and persistence of vision are completely different things. Thanks for sharing.

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