Fans Angry Might & Magic Heroes VI Has Been Unplayable For 24 Hours

Fans Angry Might & Magic Heroes VI Has Been Unplayable For 24 Hours

Over the last day or so, complaints have cropped up from players who’ve been trying to play the latest instalment of the long-lived Might & Magic series. Users have turned to the game’s official Ubisoft message boards and Steam forums to vent, citing missing music, corrupt installation files and game freezes that prevent them from playing the game that they bought.

The breakage appears to coincide with the game’s Shadows of Darkness add-on, which rolled out yesterday. When contacted, Ubisoft told Kotaku that they’re working on the problem:

“We’re aware of the issues players have been experiencing with Might & Magic Heroes VI: Shades of Darkness, and apologise for any inconvenience caused. We’ve now successfully restored content through a server upgrade, and are monitoring the situation closely. Meanwhile, we also encourage players to follow the steps detailed here.”

It’s not clear if the problems with Might & Magic Heroes VI are stemming from the game’s need to connect to UbiSoft’s uPlay service or for some other reason. Kotaku has contacted UbiSoft for clarification and will update this story if they respond.


  • I really wanted to get this game, but previously being burnt by Uplay on Settlers 7 and the hoops you have to jump through to play something you own, not to mention to play with a friend online stopped me from doing so.

  • Get used to it; Might & Magic Heroes VI was unplayable for 18 months for nVidia owners. Don’t expect this leopard to change its spots just because there’s an expansion.

  • Considering I haven’t been able to play it since purchase due to UPLAY crashing my PC everytime it runs this isn’t too worrying.

    Pirated version runs A-OK though.

    • “Pirated version runs A-OK though.”

      That sounds pretty typical.

      When will gamers learn to stop buying Ubisoft and EA’s rubbish until they get their shit together?! There are plenty of good games out their that don’t require uplay, origin, or even session passes to enjoy fully.. yes.. I’m not lying… there actually are! Amazing, I know. (not directed at you Freeze)

  • I was unable to play this game for the last five months because I have a Nvidia card – apparently a an insignificant group in Ubisoft’s eyes and not worthy of a hotfix of any kind.

    Interesting to see that Ubisoft also considers another group of people worthy of being Ubishafted: anyone will to pay for an expansion.

  • uplay can die in a fucking fire.

    Yo dawg, I heard you like overlays…

  • Th game still isn’t working for everyone who bought the game and I can confirm it is caused by the UPLAY DRM. This story really needs more attention 🙁 Ubisoft is ignoring us and if this was a bigger release it would be all over the internet because it’s DRM related and it’s locking thousands of gamers out of a game.

  • lol UPLAY-
    Yer I bought a Ubisoft game on sale on steam.
    Vowed never again.

  • Welcome to the number 2 position on my list of game publishers/developers not to buy games from!

  • The game was playable in the first place?

    Sorry to any fans but, I hated this game. I really couldn’t get into it.

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