Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon And Manborg: Separated At Birth?

I’d been hearing about Manborg — the no-budget homage to 1980s VHS action movies — for a while now. But I only realised that it was out on DVD today after I saw this tweet from Irrational Games writer Joe Fielder.

Meanwhile, in video game land, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon comes out today too. The creators behind the two works clearly share a lot of the same obsessions but it’s a huge coincidence that they’re out on the same Tuesday in April. Well, either a coincidence or the renaissance of corny, half-human, half-machine heroes is about to kick into high gear.


    Now watch CyberTracker and Kickpuncher series (not a real series)

      Kickpuncher 2: Codename Punchkicker.

        Kickpuncher: Detroit was the best of the lot imo... unless you were from detroit.

    Manborg actually came out April 18 in Australia.

    Quit work. Play Blood Dragon. Worth it :D
    Not Really!

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