Final Fantasy Tactics S Looks Nifty, But Looks Can Be Deceiving

The design. The music. The turn-based RPG action. This trailer tells us that Tactics S has got everything its big (ie. non-mobile) brothers do, and social features.

Then again, we know how All the Bravest turned out. Best be careful. Tactics S is out now for iOS/Android in Japan, with no word of a Western release.


    Why are the stages so small, flat and boring?

    "no word of a Western release."


    ... oh, you can't get it. Too bad.

    What makes it all the more painful is that they'll probably justify no western release by citing the poor reception of All The Bravest. If they take step back, it's incredibly simple - make good games, release them at reasonable prices in all regions. Being as big as Square, the good PR and sales will work themselves out if they get these things right.

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    Gaahh why u get my hopes up for this, I've finished every FFT on GBA/DS/PS1 And I've been itching for a new one for a while now :c please let this have an international version and soon!

    -Based off FFT/A/

    Eh. Why the hell cannot have a real FFT2?

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