Final Fantasy Versus XIII: The PS1 Masterpiece

Final Fantasy Versus XIII sometimes feels like it's been in development forever. So let's pretend that it has. And that "forever" is really "since 1997".

Artist Saku Hatakka has done the above image, which takes the look of the oft-delayed Square game and takes it back in time to the Final Fantasy VII engine.

"It was a lot of fun trying to figure out how Squaresoft used to do prerendered backgrounds and adding low poly realtime 3D characters on top of them", he says. "Intentionally downsampling images and using low quality frame buffer effects was surprisingly fun!"

FF Versus XIII x FFVII [spatsart, thanks Tamas!].



    The mood in that mock up is still pretty good. Plus, you wouldn't have to worry that they focus graphics > substance.

    I miss the days when it was all detailed rendered backgrounds with 3D models over the top :(

      Not so much in VII. Controls were, shall we say, haphazard

        It didn't matter so much because basically everything in the overworld was not action-based or time-restricted. But yeah, it could be rather painful at times.

        But you're right, yeah.

        Last edited 21/05/13 6:25 pm

    Funny how that one screeenshot feels full of life and character more then anything in FF13.

    I feel gross for saying it, but I'd probably be interested in FF13Vs if it looked like that.

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