Final Fantasy X-2 Sure Looks Pretty In High Definition

I've always thought Final Fantasy X-2 was rather underrated by the Internet At Large. Square's FFX sequel always got a bad rap because of the whole "pop group" thing, but the class-based combat system was actually kind of brilliant, and I dug revisiting the minigame-filled world of Spira to see how things had changed.

Of course, I could be remembering this all wrong, and the game might actually be horrible in retrospect.

Good thing they're remaking it so we can all see for ourselves. And the remake looks quite pretty. Below you can see a bunch of new screenshots released by Square Enix today.

Both FFX-2 and FFX are coming to PS3 and Vita later this year — for PS3 as a package including both games, and for Vita as separate titles.

Well, OK. Yuna looks kind of creepy there. But the rest look good!


    The gameplay in 10 and 10-2 were always great. The real issue is if you can look past the stupid story and the even worse list of characters.

    This will be the first game I get when I buy a ps3 :D

    I think its about time square-enix gives PC gamers some love, Consoles might be the dominant platform in japan but basicaly everyone i know is a pc gamer. and seeing remakes like this as console exclusives just makes me sad.

    Looks like somebody used the blur tool too much on the faces.

    Joking aside looks very crisp. Hope it still looks like that on Vita.

      MGS HD looks just as good on Vita, these look like they have had a little more work done :D

    Final Fantasy has always been on my list to play, just never gotten around to it, i suppose i should start soon as there are 10 billion games in the series and it will take a good chunk of my life to finish!
    but this HD one looks great

      Just remember that this one is VERY different to the others. X is *I think* included and it's a much better one to get the feel of FF. Just don't expect an open world

      I started FFI back in 2008 and finished FFIX early 2012.
      Not too bad finishing 9 Final Fantasy games in just over 4 years especially since I was playing other games on my Shameless Gaming List too.
      While waiting for FFX remake I'm currently playing the Dragon Quest series and I should finish DQIII in the next week or so.
      Sigh, so many games so little time...... :-(

      If you have to "start" somewhere and don't want to backtrack through the SNES and NES titles (although you really should hit up 6) I would start with FF9, it has the most well rounded everything in the PS/PS2/PS3 group.

    I LOVED Final Fantasy X and X-2 back in the day. I think I must have completed X-2 7-8 times by the time I was done with it. Super stoked that this is coming out this year, will be buying it for the Vita!

    FFX-2 is an amazing game, in a terrible package. I can understand why people might steer clear, but IMHO they're really missing out.

    Underrated what now? Everyone says X-2 has top notch gameplay.

    Rikku in HD... droooolllllllllllllllllllllll

    FF10-2 has copped so much crap over the years. I've played both of the "10" games twice, and I've gotta say, I'm more pumped to replay FF10-2 than FF10. The tone was goofy, the music was fairly awful (except the battle theme and the title music) and the story kinda led to nowhere, but the gameplay (especially the battle system) kicked butt over its predecessor.

    And there was also this really tragic undercurrent to Yuna's story. What do you do with your life when the purpose of your entire existance has been fulfilled and you've lost the one you love? The whole game is Yuna trying to find a new reason to live, and I loved that. I'd never seen that kind of theme in a game before.

    It's certainly not the best FF game, but it's still good.

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