Final Fantasy XIV Reborn August 27, Gets Another Collector’s Edition

Final Fantasy XIV Reborn August 27, Gets Another Collector’s Edition

Final Fantasy XIV was released in September of 2010, and it wasn’t very good. On August 27, nearly three years later, Final Fantasy XIV rises again a realm reborn, and Square Enix is celebrating with a collector’s edition that’s much better than the original.

Now available for preorder for the PC and PlayStation 3, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn features a new game engine, revamped mechanics and all sorts of tweaks designed to get rid of the bad taste left in the mouth of everyone that played the original disaster. The base game will be available for $US39.99 on the PlayStation 3 and PC, while the extravagant collector’s edition will run $US79.99 and $US69.99 respectively, though the PC collector’s edition will be exclusive to Square Enix’s online store.

So what’s in the big shiny box?

  • Collector’s box designed by Yoshitaka Amano, legendary FINAL FANTASY artist
  • 80-page “Art of Eorzea” hardcover art book featuring never-before-seen concept art
  • “The Waning of the Sixth Sun,” a special bonus video disc that takes a cinematic look at the events that led up to the realm being reborn
  • “Sounds of Eorzea” album that features musical scores by renowned FINAL FANTASY series composers
  • Five collectable character art cards
  • A FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn-branded security token to secure user accounts
  • In-game bonus items: Helm of Light, Baby Behemoth Minion, Coeurl Mount and Behemoth Barding

I don’t recall exactly what was in the original collector’s edition, but I know it included 2010 Final Fantasy XIV, so this has to be better.

Fans who roll the dice on a preorder will score early access, along with some digital goodness. You can find out more at the official site.

Who’s ready to give this another go? I’m scared, but oddly excited.


    • If you have the old collectors. it gets upgraded to the new one for all the digital items. Its just the physical ones you get as bonus.

    • Apply for the beta, then if you’re unsure (though I have been hearing mostly good things about ARR from what beta testers can say). You might get lucky and be chosen when Phase 3 rolls around (early June).

        • I applied for the PS3 beta, which doesn’t start until phase 3… I’ve been watching FFXIV1.0 footage (when the game was getting better) and ARR trailers. Probably a really bad idea .-.

        • Looking up a bit more, if you’re a 1.0 player, you’re guaranteed a beta invite once Phase 3 begins.

  • Totally buzzed for this. I’m gonna head into EB tomorrow and put down a pre-order on the PS3 Collector’s Edition. I was a long-time resident of Vana’diel, and the thought of a whole new Final Fantasy world to explore and discover (now that it’s… y’know, not crap anymore) is pretty darn exciting. Think I’m gonna be a taru this time! ^_^

  • Hmmmm… Just looked at the newest video on the official website. The world is looking great, but there’s a MASSIVE difference in the graphical quality between PC and PS3. The PC version looks next-gen in its resolution, colours, shadows and textures. The PS3 version… doesn’t…

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