Finally, A Promising Robotech Game!

Robotech (or, specifically, Macross) games have a chequered past. Some have been OK! Others terrible. Some have even been pretty good, though you wouldn't know it, since the best ones (on PS2 and PSP) have never been officially been released outside Japan.

But anyway. Video games! This isn't a video game. It's Robotech RPG Tactics, a tabletop game that you won't need to wait to be translated, because it's being made by a Western company (Palladium, the same people behind the classic Robotech pen-and-paper RPG).

Despite its commercial backing, the project is actually up for bidding on Kickstarter. With a goal of $US70,000. Which has been exceeded just slightly, with the tally at time of posting standing at just under $720,000.

For those who don't play board/tabletop games, think of this as XCOM. Only you play it on a table, with friends, with amazing Macross pieces that look good enough to just sit on a shelf.

So, yes, this could be the greatest game ever.

Robotech® RPG Tactics™ [Kickstarter]


    I loved Robotech Battlecry, PS2 and GC... it got an Australian release.
    I wish the was a HD rerelease on the PS3, and that all the awesome looking Japanese ones were subtitles and released outside Japan...


    I've never played a tabletop game before but hell, this could get me in!

      Being a table top player myself and a huge fan of Macross, this game made me flash my credit card quicker than anything has before.

      Having a look at the gameplay demo they have, the mechanics seem like they have a solid and intuitive ruleset too. Excited is an understatement.

        I've Only played BattleTech... but I'm onboard and figting the urge to start buying into the extras

    I will buy these models and paint them up in Battletech colour schemes...

    and cry about the days that have passed.

      I'm with ya. Especially the Warhammer IIC.

      I have the unseen minis :)
      Two sets in fact...

    I still have the original rpg somewhere. It was great for resources but the actual mechanics were not as good as battletech. I vaguely remember that we used rpg rules from palladium and the tabletop rules from fasa (battletech) until mechwarrior.

      I hate to be the cynic, but I'm sure Harmony Gold is currently looking for a means to piss all over this, just like did (or tried to) with just about every other Macross release in the West. Bastards.

        Perhaps they will edit all the pages into a new order and create a different game from the original? Lol

      Oops, sorry fract, that wasn't supposed to be a reply to you. :S

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