Fine Art: Adding A Touch Of Class To Game Of Thrones

Natascha Röösli works at Rock Pocket Games, the developers behind the very promising indie platformer Oliver & Spike. But that's not why we're here today. No, we're here for her beautiful work on trading card games, like Game of Thrones, and board games like Arkham Horror.

You can see more of Natascha's work at her DeviantArt page and CGTalk gallery.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios.


    I know I'm gonna draw flak for this, but I find that art very boring and very generic. Sorry but I don't find it 'bringing class' to Game of Thrones, I think the books and television series already bring incredible amounts of class themselves. That art just brings bland and boring to the table.

      Exactly, this is the problem with artists who are politically correct, they create art that is bland and boring. The day a person stops caring about what other people think is the day they can let their creativity go wild, let their imagination do the painting.

        Thanks :) I think there's some AMAZING art you could do for GOT without copying the aesthetic style of the TV show, some absolutely intriguing, amazing art. The best artists are those who challenge the preconceptions and thoughts that people have. Those who say 'Who cares what YOU think, this is what *I* think.' This just isn't it. This is, this is... just not that.

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      I agree. For some reason this art reminds me of something I should find on a 'free facebook game'

    I agree with you comrade, it looks more like someone doing pictures for fanfiction rather than bringing class.

    Couldn't find a fat model.

    That's the least convincing fat guy face I've seen in a while :-/

      looks like the fat suit version of Schmidt from New Girl

    It's also very obvious it's digital; too much reliance on digital shortcut techniques and not enough focus on form and colour. I also really can't stand the way everything has different edges, some are blurry, some fade out and some are sharp, but none of it helps to lead the eye around, it just makes it look rushed and unfinished.

    hah that last pic - I think Timothy Olyphant does indeed need to show up in GoT as an awesome archer and shithouse melee fighter

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