Fine Art: Amazing Mech Designs Hint At The Future Of Warfare (And Dogs)

Vitaly Bulgarov works at Blizzard, on the company's world-renowned cinematics team. But we're not here today to look at art for Blizzard games, or indeed for their fancy trailers and cutscenes.

Instead, we're looking at an amazing collection Bulgarov recently put together called the "Black Phoenix Project". Teaming up with photographer Maria Skotnikova, the challenge was to create 10 original mech designs in 10 days, and render them straight into gorgeous 3D. No 2D sketches to help make things easer, no days off.

The results are... well, see for yourself. There are game developers (and movie studios) who would murder for their art teams to come up with mech designs this good. For someone to have come up with them off the top of his head, and get them looking this good within a 24-hour period in his spare time, just seems unfair.

You can see more of Vitaly's work, including plenty more images of the mechs below, at his personal site.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios.


    I could totally build better but I don't wanna! *ahem* yep... *ahem* totally... *ahem* cough....

    Sure... definitely... *cough*

    I'll just see myself out.

    Good work btw they look spectacular :)

    Very cool.

    These are all very awesome and potentially a very accurate depiction of what the future holds.
    I like the last one very metal gear solid :3

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