Fire Emblem's Chrom Is Now Gaming's Most Bootylicious Prince

Chrom fans, rejoice: The handsomest prince in Ylisse now has a mousepad dedicated entirely to his most admirable… asset.

The mousepad in the picture, made by Deviantartist Toonikun, is one of only two in the world, and you can own one of them. The spare pad will be given away to one person who reblogs this Tumblr post. The winner will be drawn on June 3.

Here's the full (NSFW) mousepad:

Heh. Nice to see that the male butts in Fire Emblem are getting as much attention as the female butts.

(Via Tiny Cartridge)


    At a glance, I thought that was a much larger size, and used for a very different purpose, and was still all about it.

    Is it NSFW if you're a Lifesaver? Or a Calvin Klein model?

    Last edited 30/05/13 7:06 pm

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