First Look At Hi-Res Final Fantasy VIII For PC

Square Enix just announced that 1999 role-playing game Final Fantasy VIII is coming to PC in Japan. The PC version is slated to feature high-resolution graphics, but its release date as well as whether or not it will have additional content is still TBA. Here is a first look at the upcoming PC release.

FFVIII did come to Windows in 2000, but some players thought the port subpar.

発売が決定したPC版『FFVIII』の画面写真を公開 [ファミ通]


    Hmm does not look much different at all to me.

      exactly my thoughts :( I loved this game to pieces, if only they'd release it on a console.

        Wha? It's available on PSN!

          I meant release the hi-res rerelease on a console.

    Looks like they spruced up the magic attacks a little and increased the resulution of the cutscenes (they where like 360p in the old ones). Otherwise im sure they jsut sharpened out the jaggies from the 3d modle rending engine to suit HD. I doubt they went and redid the textures.

    so it'll be the same as the FFVII high res release a year or two ago. Now here come the microtransactions

      Nah that was a re-release not high res release.

    There are going to be a loooooot of complaints about no-hires FF7 over the next few days. Yippee.

      There are mods for FFVII to make it better than this, though, so any complainers haven't done their research :P

    I think I'll stick with running it on an emulator... Those screenshots don't look like any improvement.

      The lighting effects look much nicer. Not so much the character models.

      Or you could just buy the PC version they released back in 2000, which works better than an emulator and has a few more features in it that the console release didn't have.

    that is so not high res, look at the numbres and the txt, all low res

    Still got my Playstation copy soooo... no thank you

    In before $500, following Square's pricing model on rehashed games.

    played many FF's, this one is by far the best, very gripping story.

    I'd kill for a genuine HD re-release of this, favourite FF by far

      I'd love an entire ground-up remake of both 7 and 8 for PS4/Eggzbawx 540/720/1080 whatever number. :)

      Buuuut, Square can't even finish XIII Versus... :|

    Why do we get FFX hd but not these? Don't get me wrong, FFX was a great game, but VII and VIII were much better and deserve HD much more. Unless they're waiting for PS4 with super good graphics, which'd make me happy.
    I think I'll just stick with playing these on my vita in the meantime.

      It's probably because they don't share your opinion.

    Why aren't they remaking FF VI and VII? Either of those (especially the latter) is a license to print money - provided they don't overextend the budget to ridiculous proportions and then cry that they don't make $5 Billion, like they have with recent Square-published titles.

      Because if they started re-making games that's going to be seen as an admission by Square Enix that they can't top their old games. It'd be a short-term gain but a long term crediblity hit unless they managed to pump out their best new Final Fantasy game in history right after.

      The only way around that would be to outsource the remake, which has issues too.

    Really only a buy for people who missed it the first time.

    I absolutely love this game. God knows how many hours I spent with this instead of study.

    Last edited 19/05/13 12:43 pm

    I will only buy if it comes out in a sexc box or is available through steam. Otherwise no sale.

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