First Shots Of Forza Motorsport 5 For Xbox One Are Ridiculously Pretty

First Shots Of Forza Motorsport 5 For Xbox One Are Ridiculously Pretty

Turn 10’s Forza Motorsport 5, launching later this year with the Xbox One, looked pretty amazing in motion, but these first screens are just so beautiful it’s stupid. Look at that tyre. It’s not just wet, it’s wet on the way to drying. And are those bits of rubber being kicked up? Insanity.

I mean, all the pretty graphics in the world won’t mean anything if the gameplay experience isn’t fresh and new, but they certainly don’t hurt.


  • I’m no expert in this stuff, but they don’t really look THAT impressive for the supposed power of the console. Can anyone tell if the engine is using Global Illumination? That’s kinda what I was expecting – a much more advanced lighting/rendering engine.
    IMO if it wasn’t for the fake lens flares and motion blur, this would look like a 360 game…

    • While I agree that Global Illumination, and lighting in general does need to improve in games (Lighting is a huge part of realism), you have to note the sublte upgrades. These include things like soft/aliased shadows, exceptionally good reflect maps, higher polygon count in background content (Note the buildings, etc) and enhanced depth of field/motion blur. There are obvious improvements in main areas too, you can tell there’s far more detail in the model, such as a detailed interior and softened edges. But yeah, subtle areas improve the over polish of the product, so take another, somewhat closer look 😉

      Just remember this is early days too, and games that come out at the start of a consoles life are definitely not a direct indication of products further down the line.

  • pre-rendered screens always tend to look better than the final product… Take RAGE for example.

  • It looks like a moderate progression from Forza 4, that is to say it looks beautiful and will no doubt fun flawlessly.

    It’s a funny thing about racing games, they’ve really reached the point in the last generation of making cars that look basically photo realistic. The thing that’s holding the visuals back from looking more realistic is the idea that these games are car p0rn. The tracks are too clean, the weather too perfect, the cars polished to perfection…. I know they take damage ect but the games still look really sterile compared to real life racing.

    In that sense it’s really cool to see the effects of bits of stuff (rubber?) flying up off the tyres. Hopefully once you get behind the wheel (in car view is the only way to play Forza) you’ll be enjoying a face full of dirt, smoke and particle effects!

  • i see this level of graphics every day, in fact probably better, love my PC 😀

    however for a console, it looks impressive, BUT they are stills and theres no way to prove they arent pre-rendered, wait till you get a close HD look at the graphics in motion.

    • What game are you referring to? No idea what game’s on PC are super amazing graphics like this (being a pc gamer btw)

      • i have mods for GTA4 that make it look better than the above.
        BF3 on full ultra settings looks as great during actualy play mind you, not just screens.
        Far cry 3 and crysis 2 look better on PC at full settings, with minor ini tweaks.
        Skyrim on full with a few mods, thats just to name a few.

        hell FF8 had rendered screens that were just as nice.
        Just because you dont know how to use the full power of your PC doesnt mean its not possible

  • I don’t see weather effects, and I didn’t see any in the trailer… wasn’t that the most requested feature of current Forza games?

  • they showed cut scenes no actually game play, you could probs get those images off a ps2 game cut scene

  • Yeah I’m a bit annoyed at this. It is a pre rendered cutscene. That level of quality was what the clips looked like on the 360. I think this video is misleading.

  • Waa Waaa Waa.
    Have any of you taken a look back at the whole Forza franchise and taken into account how close the gameplay graphics were to their cutscenes? If Forza did not keep raising the bar you would have no decent titles in this genre to properly enjoy.

  • I hope they give the whole game this time and not screw people over with that monthy buy the rest of the game shit they did with 4. If that is how this is going to be I will not get it. Also don’t make my car go to a almost dead stop when I go off track.

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