Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy For iOS Arrives In Just Days

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy For iOS Arrives In Just Days

Last we heard, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD for iOS had been delayed until July. July! But that date is history now, with Capcom revealing the compilation will be with us on May 30. That’s a heck of a lot sooner.

Capcom recently posted the news on the company’s blog, along with pricing details.

Simply put, all three games will cost $US16.99, a bit more in Australian dollars. Complexly put, the first two cases of the original game will be free, with the full title costing $5.49 and the other two games $7.49. While it may be a bit rich for some, for others it’ll be a small price to pay for the opportunity to enjoy the world’s most eccentric lawyer on their Apple devices.

Oh, and here’s the icon, in case you wander into the App Store and somehow get lost, despite the store being entirely virtual and equipped with a search function.

But, you know, it could happen.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD coming to iOS May 30th [Capcom Unity, via Polygon]


  • Now to wait for an Android port! *waits for eternity*

    iOS really has it better when it comes to games 🙁

    • Yeah. A lotta game devs outright refuse to port to/develop for android after bad experiences with them. I dunno if you read the Penny Arcade Report, but they did an interview with one dev who said they had so many pirated copies on android that the cost of server bandwidth and customer support outweighed sale revenue and they couldn’t support it anymore. No such similar behaviour on iOS.

      Being the home of the tech savvy kinda shoots android in its own foot.

  • Haha wow, I recently bought the trilogy and Apollo justice for $17 each and I thought that was a awesome deal (still do actually).

    This is a great price and an absolute must buy (however people will still probably complain about an iOS/Android game costing that price).

  • So, uh, Pokémon next? Pretty please? I would pay full DS game price for a Pokémon game I could have on my iPad and phone.

  • What’s the difference between this and the ‘Phoenix Wright’ that’s already in the App Store?

    Is this a sequel or something? I’ve never played any of these games but have always wanted to 🙂

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