GameStick Reminds Us That It’s Still A Thing, Like The Ouya

Everybody’s talking about the Ouya these days. Ouya exclusives, Ouya unboxings, Ouya reviews — what about the GameStick? It’s a standalone Android console too, you know.

Sure, it might not be as powerful as the Ouya or have the strange, mildly confused following of the Ouya, but it’s got spunk? Sure, we’ll go with spunk. Just look at this spunky explainer video.

There’s an audience for products like the GameStick. I’m just not sure that audience extends beyond the people that flocked to it on Kickstarter on the first place.

And of course, there’s the Ouya. It’s tough being eclipsed by a similar product, but look at it this way, GameStick — the Ouya has that much further to fall should it fail.


  • Far as I’m concerned, either this or Ouya would be a good buy PROVIDED they work with at least 2 Moga Pro controllers. Android isn’t perfect, but the ability to use the same controller with whatever gaming system you like (provided it supports the standards that Moga uses – i.e. the HID standard) is frikin’ sweet.

    Would LOVE to see that take off as a popular-thing-to-do…. then maybe someone can convince MS and Sony (and, in a mushroom-powered dreamland, Nintendo) to support the same standards and BAM – one controller, 4+ consoles.

  • The only problem I see is that theoretically if games for Android work on GameStick, then you can get the same games on Ouya, right?

    • Pretty much yes, provided devs are using those Android gamepad api’s (added in ICS?) when they build their games, all those games should work on the Ouya out of the box (Just sideload and test if they aren’t in the store) since that’s what the Ouya (and no doubt the GameStick) leverage’s for its input method.

      Given the $20 price difference and the Ouya’s performance over the GameStick and its controller no doubt being more comfortable I don’t know who would pick a GameStick over the Ouya.

  • Everybody’s talking about the Ouya these days. Ouya exclusives, Ouya unboxings, Ouya reviews
    That’s kind of interesting because I frequent quite a few gaming and technology sites that would definitely mention these kinds of things and I haven’t seen anything on it since it came out. I’m actually really curious to know how it’s faring, but as I said, no one seems to be mentioning it, which in itself, is a bit of an indicator I guess.

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