Gaming In 1982: Moustaches, Tiny Shorts And Colecovision

Gaming In 1982: Moustaches, Tiny Shorts And Colecovision

These two photos, belonging to Richard Braunstein, are perfect. Just perfect. Perfect because they capture what it was like playing games in the days before giant couches and giant TV sets. Perfect because these are two grown men playing video games in 1982, smashing stereotypes.

And perfect because this is a photo of a Colecovision being used in the wild, before the great home console crash of 1983, making this the photographical equivalent of the Old Testament of video gaming.

Gaming In 1982: Moustaches, Tiny Shorts And Colecovision

Colecovision, 1982 [Flickr, via Retroist]


  • My cousin actually had a colecovision. Horrible, horrible controller but the baseball game was alright…the Smurf game on the other hand sucked – you could die by tripping over a blade of grass. Smurfs are such pussies.

      • No! You keep your nasty indigo bits to yourself! Besides I’m in a committed relationship with Strawberry Shortcake…

    • You needed a Super Action Controller or two. They’re sooo much better than the Hand Controllers they shipped with, though still decidedly foreign when it comes to game controllers.

      PS. I find the fact that the music in Rescue in Gargamel’s Castle just stops with a thud when you die absolutely freaking hilarious. That game is just such trash, thankfully basically everything else for the platform isn’t as bad.

  • The photos look like my baby photos with my dad except with a Coleco instead of a 2600. The guy in blue even looks like him XD.

  • haha, i had a colecovision. the keypad was slotted to add a plastic shim printed with a button map for additional control functions. never had an issue with the controller myself

  • I had the 2600.
    Friend three doors up had the Colecovision.
    Friend five doors up had the Vic 20.

  • We didn’t have a Colecovision, we had an Intellivision. The only game I can remember playing on it is Burgertime, man I loved that game.

  • Burgertime, shark shark and dungeons and dragons. Intellivision made me the gamer I am today.

  • +1.
    Don’t forget Night Stalker, Tron Deadly Discs, Swords & Serpents, Utopia, B-17 Bomber… ah! I could go on…

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