Get So Close To An Xbox One You'll Think You Can Touch It

Seeing as precious few people on Earth have actually been up-close with an Xbox One in the flesh, Microsoft has uploaded this 3D model of the console, which you can check out right here. You can rotate, pan and zoom to your heart's content, getting a way better look at the machine than static press images could ever manage.

I gotta say, in that light, the half-grill pattern on the lid is kinda growing on me...

To get started, click on the little 3D cube in the middle of the image below. Your mouse wheel controls the zoom, while left click + drag rotates the camera.

Sketchfab [Thanks Trey!]


    I don't know about the half grill thing. It looks messy, especially if you're going to have it under your tv for everyone to see. It just looks big and clunky. Pretty much like Microsoft really. It's a very 80s retro design, ironic as there's no backwards compatability

    I notice dual HDMI on the back, dual screen console? Although I'm still not buying one...

      I think one might be an input and the other an output... basically so you can route your tv through the xbox. I could be wrong but this is what I read a while ago.

      HDMI in and HDMI out.. For TV. Just like an AV Receiver.

      I think it was HDMI in and HDMI out.

      I used to dreeeammm of a dual screen console. I thought it would be a killer feature for whoever implemented it. Someone must have proposed this already so i guess it must've had cost implications or was dismissed as a stupid idea for other reasons.

    The console is empty on the inside!

    and I couldn't find the off button on the Kinect.

      The off button? I can't even see where you plug in power & usb cables.

      Hmm, maybe the Kinect 2 uses wifi & broadcast power

    here's hoping it has front usb ports.. 2 just aren't enough and especially when they are on the back!

    Where's my AV plugs?!? What about RF? How am I gonna squeeze this in next to the SNES and SMSII?!?

    Used to hate the look. Kinda like it now.

    That console is damn sexxay, but God that Kinect looks bulky. If I bought an Xbone I wouldn't have anywhere on my desk to put it.

    Is that a USB port on the side of the console? Seems an odd place to put one

    Looks like Micro$oft screwed us over yet again!
    Notice the controller port is different?? Looks like ill have to sell my BRAND NEW turtle beach Tango headphones as these wont be compatible either! there goes $340! stuff this im going PS4!

    The kinect actually has the xbox logo tessellated all over the bottom portion of it. You'll see it if you zoom in and through it from the back.

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