Grab Great Deals On Fallout And Skyrim In GamersGate's Bethesda Weekend Sale

"Crazy bargains" is old hat, so let's try something new. "Incongruous pricing" isn't bad. "Deranged deals" has alliteration on its side. My favourite, though, is "Barmy bargains", if only because I can say it real good-like in a Cockney accent. And that's what GamersGate has going with its "Bethesda Weekend", offering titles such as Dishonored, Fallout 3 and Skyrim for up to 50 per cent off.

Line up this link in your browser's reticule and pull the trigger and you'll be taken to a lovely page showing all the current Bethesda-related discounts.

The cheapest offering is Fallout 3 at $US4.95. It's a bit long in the tooth, sure, but you get a lot of FPS RPG gaming for your five bucks. If you want something more recent, the "Ultimate" edition of Fallout New Vegas is a toupee more expensive at $US9.95, but it's widely considered the stronger game.

Venturing beyond the vaults we have The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at an affordable $US17.49. Dragon-slaying doesn't get much cheaper, unless you plan to draw — and then scratch out — little fire-breathing lizards on pieces of paper.

Finally, Dishonored, the most expensive of the four here, beckons you with a sultry $US22.49. What better way to listen to the absent-minded ramblings of a silky-voiced Brad Dourif, beside kidnapping the man and locking him in your attic / basement / underwear drawer?

There are a number of other titles on-sale, so hit up the link below for the full roster.

Bethesda Weekend [GamersGate]


    Just a heads up to any that are interested. Gamersgate has no keys for Skyrim or Dishonored at this time, and presumably more.
    They still allow a purchase, although it could be some time before you receive a key for your games.

    I would recommend going to the UK version of the site. ( The games are much cheaper. Dishonored is 7.49 pounds GDP on there which converted is $11.50 AUD, Skyrim is the same. I just picked up Fallout 3: GOTY for $7.93 AUD.

      Here's the direct link for the uk version of the deals if anyone is interested:

      It's weird that the UK site has 50% off all Bethesda games, whereas the US version is a mix. For example Fallout 3: GOTY is 25% off on the US but 50% off on the UK.

    Ozgamesshop had Dishonoured for $25 for a while now. Also wouldnt pick up Skyrim atm as the GOTY-version is basically around the corner.

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