Grand Theft Auto Meets The Simpsons

Hey. It's artist Dan Luvisi again. Three times in one year? It's worth it, because Grand Theft Otto - mashing the Simpsons and Vice City - is what it is. Awesome.

It also reminds me of a dream game of mine, back in the day, where Rockstar and EA sat down, put Vice City and Simpsons Hit & Ride together, and made the greatest game of all time.

GTO - Lenny and Carl - [DeviantArt, via Xombiedirge].


    Lol, Lenny & Carl look great! Maybe more Miami Vice than GTA though, maybe not.

    Otto = as crazy as Trevor (!?)


    just to clarify: this isn't a real game??? Was it just a dream?

    I want this to happen now.

    I've never seen Lenny look to suave.

    Almost a where are they now look.

    Otto is great. .

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