GTA V In 62 Words

Couldn't wade through yesterday's 5000-word Kotaku preview of GTA V? Here's the short version, in 62 words.

  • Set in and around Los Santos (aka Los Angeles).
  • You juggle playing three characters, switching at will in the open world, warping to wherever on the map one of them is going about his life.
  • Characters meet for missions, especially for five or six major heists that have you controlling all three. Heists are planned/tweaked by the player.
  • There's interactive yoga.

The game will be out on September 17, 2013, for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


    September cannot come quick enough.

    i read the 5000 word one, its way more interesting then this

    Yeh I read thr 5000 word article, sounds fantastic, dont dull it down for the people that couldnt be bothered to read though it.

    62 words is enough. It's GTA for chrissake. What are you expecting? :)

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