Guerrilla Games Speak Out On PlayStation 4 Development

You could make the argument that this Conversations With Creators video about Killzone: Shadow Fall is simply an elaborate advertisement for the PS4, and I'd probably agree with you, but I found this video interesting nonetheless. Members of the Guerrilla Games team speak out about developing for the PS4 and what the machine is capable of and it's all relatively insightful stuff.

In the midst of the explosions and particle effects and whatnot, it was sort of fashionable to dislike the Killzone: Shadow Fall demo shown at the PS4 reveal, but I've always enjoyed the feel of the Killzone games. I actually really enjoyed Killzone 2 as a single player experience. Sure, it's relatively generic but it always felt right to me. The game always had an interesting weight to it — sort of like Halo. That's a good thing as far as I'm concerned.

So while I'm completely over shooters in general, I can't help but get a little bit excited at one of the most technically proficient development studios going all out on a new piece of hardware. I just can't help it.


    I'm a big Killzone fan, too. Never really got into the multiplayer (prefer Battlefield for that) but I love the single player. Played the campaigns of KZ2 and KZ3 2 or 3 times each. I am a bit sad that they have gradually shifted the feel of it further away from the really heavy, chunky, weighty feel of the original Killzone on PS2, though.

      Yeah, I agree. I loved the look and feel of killzone and I even enjoyed the multilayer, I still play against bots every now and again. The only problem with killzone as a series is that every game comes out being less... well... killzone... They look more like any other shooter and they play more like any other shooter... Which makes me sad because I know the only reason Guerilla feel they need to make these changes is because gamers that are not fans of the somewhat niche elements of killzone complain about how the guns feel heavy and delayed and how the colours are drab and awful... And those are things that killzone used to be about...

      or that could just be me...

    I enjoyed Killzone 3. It felt like Call of Duty in space, which is the most interesting setting they could stick a CoD game for me.

    I got into the series when they had the multiplayer beta of Killzone 3 on the PSN. Racked up more hours on there than when I bought the game I think. There's nothing wrong with the series. It functions well and has fairly decent graphics. The weapons feel like they pack a punch. As a launch title though, it's got a chance to impress ahead of the field.

    Slightly related, the PS4 launch titles are atm probably stronger than any other recent console. Microsoft need to impress with their launch lineup

    yea DX11 is pretty rad huh.

      DX is terrible and hideously inefficient.

        What in particular do you find objectionably bloated?

          Well it's a combination of DX and windows, but they are not using graphics cards to their full potential. It has got better, based on how games run better in DX 10 mode in DX 11. But it's still let's down the power of the modern GPU.

            Seems like a strange conclusion - given modern cards capabilities are entirely designed around maximizing what it can do with DX, and not around doing the same for the no competing product that exists.

            There is OpenCL these days which will allow developers to use their GPU's more and more without any of the DX drivers, or any framework designed to do more than funnel instructions in and out, so we will see how the performance of that goes I guess..

            Just seems to me that hardware designed to run on the only serious software solution would make sure it runs pretty well with that software.. Engineers are pretty smart guys *shrug*

      well done everyone who took my comment literally and not being able to read between the lines.

      ...I have to do this, don't I: My comment was making reference to how the video above, and most o of the other videos showing the graphical powers of the next-generation consoles, looks on-par with current DX11 gaming PC's.


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