Guess Which Game Falls Under Which Awesome Japanese ‘Genre’

Guess Which Game Falls Under Which Awesome Japanese ‘Genre’

Ever wonder why Metal Gear Solid comes with the tagline “Tactical Espionage Action” printed right on the box? Well that’s simple. While it may be a tagline in the West, it’s actually the game’s official genre in Japan.

While in Japanese stores games are listed under the typical, broad genres you’d expect — i.e. RPG, action, shooter, simulation — game developers themselves often create a special genre for their games when promoting them.

Below is a list we have complied showcasing many of these invented genres. See if you can guess which game each genre was created for based on the genre alone. Then click here and check your answers.

Stylish Action Enormous Breast Hyper Battle Blood-Stained Swordplay Action A.I. Action Competitive Fighter Climax Action Hunting Action Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment VFX Action Professional Killer Action Adventure Just Friend Collecting Lightning Bolt Action Escape × Suspense Team Battle Action Cinematic Action RPG Animation RPG Flight Action RPG “Rescue” Multiplayer Action


  • Enormous Breast Hyper Battle needs to be a game of its own, oh wait we’re talking about Japan? It probably is already

  • do the genre’s ever mix? Like Enormous Beast Hyper Climax Battle with Just Friend Collecting ?

  • Adding one more, the genre for the Visual Novel “Muv-Luv Alternative”: あいとゆうきのおとぎばなし – Faerie Tale of Love & Courage

  • Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment (AKA FREE) was Shenmue. I remember that genre definition so well.

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