Guy Who Lost $2600 Trying To Win Kinect Gets His Money Back And More

Remember that guy who lost all of his money trying to win a Kinect in a carnival game? He got it back. He got the Kinect too.

Last week, Henry Gribbohm threw away $2600 — his entire life savings — trying to win an Xbox accessory. He didn't win it. He did win a banana (pictured above).

That part is pretty critical, because the folks at College Humor saw Gribbohm's banana and decided that they had to have it. So they drove out to New Hampshire, tracked him down and gave him $2600 (along with an Xbox) in exchange for his dreadlocked friend. Now they have a banana. A $2600 banana.

You can watch the College Humor video below. Gribbohm, for his part, claims he was scammed into thinking he was part of a carnival performance, which certainly makes more sense than someone intentionally throwing his entire life savings at a game.


    What a idoit he doesn't deserve the money back, he deserves to be isolated and studied so that it can be determined what nutrients that he may have that can be extracted for our personal use

    Last edited 07/05/13 3:30 pm

      Everyone needs to read that Ross Perot pamphlet.

      Exactly. If h's dumb enough to lose $2600 to carnies, he'll just lose this next sum on some other stupid bullshit.

    he doesnt even sound grateful that they doing it for him !!

      Maybe he thought he was doing them the favour - I mean, that's a hell of a stuffed banana, he might have thought he was letting it go cheap.

      What the story doesn't tell you is that it was originally just going to be $2000 cash. But when they told him they wanted him to take a Kinect as well he made them throw in another $600 to sweeten the deal.

    Wait didn't he get $600 back so essentially the guys got 3200 and an xbox kinect for a giant banana.

    his crappy American strap beard goes around his chin fat.... not his chin.

    xbox player, 'nuff said

      Not cool man... and he is a kinect player so he's not one of us :)

        sorry, didn't intend to offend your fellow kinect player. My bad. *waves hand*

    This guys seems happy to trade $2600 for his dignity...

    And College Humor will definitely get more thant $2600 worth of free publicity out of this...


    By the way, he slept with the banana and probably ejaculated on it at some point.

    "Hey maybe I can win that other kinect... then I'd have 2" ahahaha

    I honestly cannot believe the arrogance of him. Counting the money? Really?

    "damn it. Now i need to win a banana"

    that smirk of his makes him look like a giant douche, also a thank you would have been nice

    Some people really do walk around with 'Victim' tattooed on their head.

    Hard to fault Collegehumor, though. If you had the option between a kinect and a banana, which would you choose?

    Why o why didnt he just buy a kinect? Better yet, just forget the kinect. It is this gens most woeful peripheral.

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