Half-Life 2 On The Oculus Rift? Yes Please.

There will come a time when games making their way to the Oculus Rift will be so commonplace that it will not be newsworthy. Today is not that day. Especially not when the game in question is Half-Life 2.

The mod itself, like the Team Fortress one, is official but according to Valve programmer Joe Ludwig, it's not quite as polished. I don't know how long you'll be able to handle watching the above vid — I always struggle because I feel like no real perspective is provided. What is the person playing doing? Most of these vids just feature commentary alongside video of the Rift's two screens, the video signal that's actually being transmitted to the Rift itself. It doesn't really give anyone a real sense of what it's like to be in that world.

Still, thought it might be worth watching, especially for fans of Half-Life 2. More than anything it's just reassuring to see how much support Valve is providing for the Rift. I really, really hope this thing cracks the mainstream, because it's truly incredible.

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    Any idea how he's playing it? Is he using a keyboard and mouse? A controller? A motion sensing controller?

    Oculus Rift looks great, but it'll only work on games that are packaged with a decent motion controller, or a very simple control scheme.

      The device has gained substantial popularity with game devs so support for many titles in the future is looking quite possible. As far as motion tracking goes HL2 can be modified from source code making it quite good for testing out different methods of head tracking and the like.

      Why does the idea that you'll need different controls for Oculus games keep coming up over and over in comments everywhere? As far as controls go, all it does is add head tracking in addition to to any existing scheme, allowing you to look in a different direction to where you are moving/aiming.

      There is absolutely no reason why this would break existing mouse&keyboard controls for fps games.

        This is why I'm looking forward to Arma 3 so much, no real change except way more immersion!

        That's quite true, with only one hitch - you can't see the keyboard.

        I can usually feel my way to WASD (though , but anything on the right side of the keyboard (e.g. pressing I for Inventory, some function keys etc) is much harder to find, and usually requires a few seconds of careful fondling of my keyboard (or a quick peek from under the Rift). Definitely immersion-breaking.

          This... I typed up a similar repsonse, must have forgotten to click submit

    Like everyone, the idea of VR-enabled Half Life 2 is making me giddy.

    how about Half-Life 3 On The Oculus Rift? or just Half-Life 3?

    I started replaying Half-Life 2 on the Xbox 360 a few months back.

    Still a great game but it really makes you realise just how long we've been waiting for HL3!
    That game looks OLD.

      It does look a few generations old. Picked it up and played it on PC a few months back too, for the first time. Glad I did though, i can see why its so acclaimed.

      It's in that weird space between the PS2 generation and the 360 generation. A lot of early 360 stuff has that same look - still once you get the gravity gun you start to forget about the visuals

    Is there any word on when the consumer version will be released?

      Current plan is Q3 2014, but that may very well change.

        Damn. I was hoping it would be sooner. At least by then there should be a good selection of games that have been modded to work with it.

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