Halo Music Video Catapults You Into The Middle Of A Spartan Firefight

This Halo-themed music video easily wins "the most Spartan costumes featured in a clip ever trophy". A whole division of Spartans get into an intense firefight in an odd but awesome setting with a piano in the centre.

It's a pretty large-scale video for William Joseph and Lindsey Stirling's song. It must have been fun bouncing around the field and dodging all those imaginary rockets.

Halo Medley - Firefight - Lindsey Stirling and William Joseph [YouTube]


    About time Miss Stirling has done another video. Music is well done, not sure about the video though seems a bit hit and miss (for me).

    Lets face it, a Spartan she ain't :P

    Video wasn't that great compared to some of the others she's done. Costumes were quite obviously cheap replicas, not quality ones, and the combat scenes are quite frankly comedic in their overacting.

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