Halo Wedding Ring Ends In Tense Warthog Escape

Reader Mike is getting married next year (congratulations, Mike!), and he is one organised man. He's already got his wedding ring picked out. You might like it.

He took his idea to custom ring joint Boone, who through the magic of lasers were able to put a detailed recreation of Halo's original...Halo on both the outside and inside of Mike's titanium ring.

It does not play the famous choral theme to the game because, well, it doesn't need to. It's implied that'll play in his head every time he puts it on. Or even looks at it.


    For the man who wants to show how much he loves his wife AND his hobby.

    this is sad and he should feel bad - taking loser to the next level

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      Says the guy whose life seems to be completely consumed by commenting on sites where no one cares what he thinks.

      Awesome job. Let's be friends.

        I'd love to make friends with you. It would be awesome to bring you out into the "real world".
        If you sad people didn't care why do you always reply and feed the trolls? And spending 2 minutes during our down time is hardly being consumed by commenting. Enjoy your caves and maybe take a shower every now and then.

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          Wow cool story Failtroll!!

          "why do you always reply and feed the trolls?"

          Says the person who admits he's/she's a troll...

            i enjoy writing to you guys - its simple really

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      Your comment is sad and you should feel bad.

        my comment is a fact. you people are the anti-poon

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      Then why are you here? Twit.

        "we" are here to make fun of you losers during our down time at work and it is the only website we can open at work. Its rather entertaining to see what a fucked up culture all you losers have.

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        read above and maybe you will learn something - cave nerd.

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          Feels bad you have to justify yourself by spending the only free time you have at work insulting others, while we're all having fun with the whimsical post. I hope for your sake you're capable of this thing they call "fun".

            like i said before, this is very entertaining trolling you sad people and your hobbies

    And I can seek out thr price of these where?

    Kinda reminds me of the Zelda rings :)


      Only looks to be about US$375 which seems more than reasonable for a titanium ring. My wedding ring is a titanium/gold one and it ran about $600.

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    That is a truly awesome ring. As for it being sad firstly I don't think it is and secondly how do you know that he and his wife didn't meet or bond over halo or just enjoy playing games together and that it has relationship meaning as well

      I agree, I want Zelda themed rings if I get married, I got a few weird looks from friends when I mentioned this, until I explained that me and my boyfriend got together after bonding over our love of Zelda, and games in general, so there is a lot of meaning there for us.

        they looked at your weird because you are both losers. sad...

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