He Forged Cloud's Buster Sword. Then, He Cut Stuff With It.

Man At Arms' Tony Swatton has forged all sorts of nerdy swords. It was only a matter of time before he turned to Final Fantasy — specifically, Cloud's iconic sword. And boy howdy, is the Buster sword huge and unwieldy.

He says it's one of the most ridiculous sword blades he's ever made — which, after seeing him make that Minecraft diamond sword and that Kingdom Hearts keyblade... well, dang. Crazy.

Building Cloud's Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VI) - MAN AT ARMS [AweMeChannel]


    Jesus christ 80 pounds??? That's what, 35 - 37 kilos just for that sword? :O

      It's aluminium too. Can't imagine how much more it would weigh if cast in steel.

      That's what I really couldn't buy with Advent Children. Cloud's a skinny guy swinging a 40 kg sword (with one hand), but the swords in that movie had no momentum either and change direction on a dime. Even if you were superhumanly strong, it shouldn't LOOK that weightless.

        >Implying video games use real-world technology/physics
        >Denying the existance of performance-enhancing Materia

          Not to mention they deliberately made the movie far more "cartoony" than they could have (and were originally planning) to help keep the suspension of disbelief regarding the fights ect.

    I think he made it too large, but I guess it depends on the source. At least in the original game, the sword from tip to handle wasn't as tall as Cloud, and he's only apparently 5'7".
    Meanwhile, Whatsisface mentions the blade itself being 6'.

    Mind you, even he had shrunk it down it'd still be unwieldy*. That's the joke, silly weapons.

    *apparently this is the word? thanks firefox

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