He Got A Video Game Tattoo To Remind Him To Be A Good Dad

As far as video games that would inspire a video game tattoo, Papo & Yo seems like an unlikely one, right? As moving as it is, Minority Media’s digital release is built on one man’s childhood, specifically the abuse he suffered at the hands of his alcoholic dad. It is an undeniably sad game. But, despite that, one man who played the game decided he needed to remember the experience inside his skin.

After he finished the game, father-to-be Nebulas Michael asked Minority Media for art that he could use for reference for a tattoo. Sure, he liked Papo & Yo but that wasn’t the only reason he wanted to get a tattoo:

“Papo & Yo was, as they say, a game changer for me … I am now a father myself, and I am constantly striving to be the father that they (and all children) deserve. I would like to get an arm tattoo of Monster and possibly a frog with him. I would be honored if you could share your time and art with me to serve as my reminder to be vigilant of the father I am and to be careful of addictions as they are prevalent in my family.”

Usually, a game tattoo is commemorate how much fun you had finishing a particular title. But this example is a bit different, like the game that inspired it.


    That's really awesome.

    That is one ugly tattoo, but the sentiment is great, the world needs better fathers

    He spent all the food money getting it though :P

    looks like Christian Bale when he was in the machinist!

    I have a full warhammer artwork sleeve as well and dead space, I see guys like this getting recognition for a 'gaming' tat? What a joke! This is so stupidly shit....

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