He Took The Ultraball From Pokémon And Turned It Into A Gear Shifter

Well, you know how things are out in the road. Sometimes you just, uh, really need to catch them all? Listen. Having an Ultraball for a gear shifter on your car is awesome, okay?

And Redditor browner87 made one for his car by a modifying a cue ball and aluminium. You can see the steps involved in making the gear shift here, but here are a few pictures:

Pretty good when compared to the source material, yeah? And let's be honest, while some Pokeball shifters float around in the web, this is an effin' Ultraball. You just can't compare — not even the Masterball. The purple looks goofy, whereas the Ultraball is classy.

Finally finished my own Pokeball gear shifter. What does r/Pokemon think? [browner87]


    So he can shift into.... Pokegear?


    On a more serious note, the paint job isn't terribly clean. :/ If I was putting a gearstick in my car as a permanent fixture (I drive an auto, so that's not going to happen anytime soon), I'd be putting a little more time into the detail, but each to his own.

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      And the pokeball button would hook up to nitrous, right? Now they just need to invent a nitrous themed pokemon and it'd be perfect.

      Damn right. You're making it as a showpiece. Personally, if I was putting a pokeball in? I'd make the classic red and white pokeball. Thats just me though.

      should've outsourced the painting to some kid at games workshop. the sculpt is quite cool but that paint...

        Hate all you want, but I did the best I could. I'm not great at painting, and I didn't invest in decent paint. From more than 5 inches away in a car it looks just fine. In fact, I've had plenty of compliments and only 2 real criticisms on the paint. One day when I have time to invest and get some good paint and brushes, maybe I'll re-paint it. But I think it looks good enough as it is for now.

    You can buy these. Why is it an article?

      Where? I've seen one or two other one-off's that people made themselves, but I've never seen anyone selling them.

    You can buy anything these days but to form one yourself is to earn a pokemon. You gotta earn it by catching them all lol.

    Don't hate just like it :)

      I think that was meant to be a reply to Zap... But I totally agree. The fact that he made it himself is why the article was made.

    I'm glad Marcus called you out Patricia.

    I double check the authors of the article before I click and read them. I hate those controversial posts because all it does is open it up to silly trolls. I like to come to Kotaku to read what's up in the gaming world.

    Keep the sexists/homophobia/racist pot stirring articles to your personal blog and be a professional journalist when reporting on games. If you continue down the track of controversy it is because of people like you that hurt the gaming industry.

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    Latest version - http://imgur.com/a/60cAH

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