Hellraid Doesn't Look Half Bad For A Medieval Dead Island

Man... this trailer. Yes, Techland's 2013 first-person slasher Hellraid has a silly name.

And, yes, the Dead Island games have never been perfect. But this game looks like they took the best part of Dead Island (the combat) and applied it to a setting that screams "Dark Messiah". How can I say no to that?


    My god this looks AWESOME! :D

    Why exactly does it have a silly name again? I'm waiting for someone to justify this?

      Because it can?
      Who said they have to have anything better?
      "What's in a name? That which we call a rose
      By any other name would smell as sweet"

        Unless they're called crapweeds, no one wants a dozen crapweeds.

        No no, I just mean why does Kotaku think its a stupid name? Personally I think its an AWESOME name!

          Yeah i didn't get that either.
          Maybe Kotaku US is staffed by toffee-nosed brits??

            For more stupidity this week check out Patricia Hernandez's new article filed under the 'special' section of Kotaku...

              Yeah... i saw it... i read the title and thought 'oh dear god... really?'
              It's AMAZING how much she can write about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

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