Here Are 10 Games Japanese Players Recommend

2013 is approaching the halfway point and this year, we've already seen several heavy-hitting game releases. Often, it's difficult to choose a single game to buy out of several when you have a limited budget. The biggest and most influential factor in making a choice is usually other players' opinions.

Gamer recommendations will trump the flashiest, most expensive-looking trailers any day. This week, Japanese gaming magazine Weekly Famitsu published a collection of 10 Japanese gamer-recommended games that were released in Japan this year, along with categorical scores for each game. The list is as follows (Scores are rated from 1 to 5):

DMC: Devil May Cry


System: 5 Story: 2 Character: 4 Graphics: 4 Sound: 2 Other: 1


"It may look different, but the exhilaration is unmistakable. The title does not lie!" (Male, 21)

"I like how the music changes with the combat. The music fits well with the visuals." (Male, 30)

"The graphic design is unique and is enjoyable just to watch." (Male, 29)

"I was worried that the developer changed but the gameplay exceeded my expectations and I was very satisfied." (Male, 37)

"I was moved by Dante's motivation to save his friends." (Male, 31)

Demon Gaze


System: 5 Story: 3 Character: 4 Graphics: 2 Sound: 4 Other: 3


"The gameplay is superbly designed with the player in mind!" (Male, 28)

"I like the design quality throughout the game." (Male, 17)

"If you're to play one RPG on the PS Vita, this is it!" (Male, 31)

"I get engrossed in how fun gathering equipment is." (Male, 24)

"The 'Demons' are so cute, I desperately try to keep them from going berserk." (Male, 34)

"It's very easy to play and I'd recommend it to any novice dungeon RPG player." (Female, 23)

The Guided Fate Paradox


System: 5 Story: 4 Character:4 Graphics: 2 Sound: 3 Other: 2


"Before I realised it, I was hooked on the story and not just the battle system." (Male, 17)

"Exploring the depths of dungeons is so engrossing that I find myself losing track of time." (Male, 31)

"The angel sprites are adorable!" (Female, 27)

"I love the opening music as well as the multitude of background music pieces for the fairy empire." (Male, 34)

"The sheer multitude of customizable/progressive elements of is the staple of a good Nippon Ichi Software game." (Female, 19)

"The game has tons of enjoyable elements to keep you playing even after you've cleared the story." (Male, 22)

Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus: The Girls' Proof


System: 4 Story: 3 Character: 5 Graphics: 5 Sound: 3 Other: 3


"Tons of breasts! Of course I love it!!" (Male, 20)

"The DLC costumes are quite… provocative." (Male, 18)

"I also love the individual character background music." (Male, 38)

"Scenario writer Yukinori Kitajima's story is very engaging." (Male, 24)

"The game was hard to find after its initial release. I remember searching all over the place for it." (Female, 24)

"I enjoy trying to collect all the characters' costumes and accessories." (Male, 32)

Macross 30


System: 5 Story: 4 Character: 4 Graphics: 3 Sound: 2 Other: 2


"Even if you're not a fan, you'll find yourself yelling, 'Here I come, cutie! Yeeha!!'" (Male, 36)

"I love that it's a complete original story!" (Male, 16)

"I appreciate how it felt like a celebration of the series' 30th anniversary." (Male, 36)

"It feels great to obtain new unit blueprints, I find myself getting obsessed." (Male, 21)

"The original animated sequences were good." (Male, 18)

"The original characters were uniquely appealing." (Male, 29)

Soul Sacrifice


System: 5 Story: 4 Character: 2 Graphics: 3 Sound: 4 Other: 3


"It's a waste to own a PS Vita and not play this game!" (Male, 32)

"The unique world and story seem like they should have shown up in a game sooner. I was able to enjoy the game as an entirely new experience." (Male, 22)

"The graphics are gorgeous. I was glued to the screen watching the magic effects." (Male, 21)

"The character Librom was quote charming and I grew attached to it through the game." (Female, 28)

"Both the single player and multiplayer are a lot of fun!" (Male, 19)

Far Cry 3


System: 5 Story: 4 Character: 5 Graphics: 4 Sound: 3 Other: 3


"The world shown around human madness really drew me in." (Male, 32)

"I liked taking over enemy bases." (Male, 19)

"The game's character designs were hard to relate to at first, but I was surprised at how playable the game was." (Female, 20)

"The co-op mode was also fun to play." (Male, 36)

"With all the achievements and collectibles, it's hard to find a good point to stop." (Male, 32)

"It's fun to explore the island like a tourist." (Male, 23)

Dungeon travellers 2: The Royal Library and the Demon's Seal


System: 5 Story: 3 Character: 4 Graphics: 4 Sound: 2 Other: 2


"Sometimes I'd get so caught up by the cute monsters that my party would get massacred by accident." (Male, 25)

"Battles require an element of strategy, but are overall fast paced and enjoyable." (Female, 26)

"The dungeon layout and enemy strength are well balanced." (Male, 29)

"The interface has been tweaked since the last game, making it much easier to play." (Male, 22)

"I've been building up all 16 heroines so there's never a dull moment." (Male, 17)

Tomodachi Collection: New Life


System: 5 Story: 1 Character: 5 Graphics: 2 Sound: 4 Other: 1


"I'd bust out laughing at the things my Mii would do!" (Female, 25)

"The graphics look realistic. Even the steam from food looks tasty, I find myself staring at it." (Female, 29)

"Collecting items is fun. I'm enjoying playing." (Male, 12)

"I like how I can interact with other players with the network features." (Female, 30)

"I take screenshots whenever I encounter an interesting scene." (Female, 36)

7th Dragon 2020-II


System: 5 Story: 4 Character: 3 Graphics: 3 Sound: 4 Other: 3


"Great quality that any fan of the previous games can enjoy!!" (Male, 24)

"With very little load time from the UMD, I could play with hardly any stress." (Male, 17)

"The mini characters running around during the battle sequences are adorable." (Female, 27)

"I'm a novice gamer so I really appreciated the 'CASUAL' mode." (Female, 23)

"I'm a fan of the previous game, so it was nice to see characters from the last game and what they've been doing since then." (Male, 31)

ファミ通.com [ファミ通.com]


    “The graphics look realistic. Even the steam from food looks tasty, I find myself staring at it.” (Female, 29)
    Are the Japanese really that starved for video eye candy that they think a Wii title has good graphic. Ok I am trolling about the Wii part, but seriously though "WTF".

    Oh, and are any of those rpg titles in english?

    Last edited 24/05/13 11:08 pm

      The Guided Fate Paradox has recently been licensed by NISA.

      Not too sure about the others. xD

      Soul Sacrifice is out, and Demon Gaze is coming soon. Both are Vita games and both are pretty damn good (friend of mine is buying JP copies of Vita games).

      I'm tempted to import Macross 30...

    Good to see they didn't bash the new DMC

    Shame the only thing stopping a Macross release here is the company squatting the Robotech license.

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