Here Are The Latest Trailers For Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar promised new trailers for Grand Theft Auto V today, and here they are. Meet Michael, Franklin and Trevor, the game’s three protagonists.

Michael (above) is a wealthy man battling his cheating wife and a midlife crisis, evidently finding his adventure by getting over his head in criminal capers. Sounds like his character will draw influences from Walter White and Breaking Bad.


A gangbanger trying to get out of a life of nonstop violence, caught up in what looks like the neverending Ballers-Grove Street Families rivalry.


A brutal drug dealer from the sticks who looks straight-up crazy.

And if you’re wondering about the music in these trailers, it’s Queen’s “Radio Gaga”, “Hood Gone Love It” by Jay Rock, and Waylon Jennings’s “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way”.

What else are you guys seeing? Cameos? Celebrity actors? Obvious homages or meaningful music choices? We’ll keep breaking this down as we spot things. The game releases on September 17 on Xbox 360 and PS3.


    • I’m doubting it but it’d be nice. I’d like something to tie it back to the III continuiity rather than the IV, which was a different ‘reality’ than III. It’d probably make more sense to have Sweet cameo, living in his old house in Grove Street though.

      • Who wants to put money on that you’d probably end up killing him or seeing him as the unfortunate victim of his own success and this terrible, no-win world, in some ‘edgy’ highlight to the futility of it all?

    • I noticed that some people in Franklin’s trailer were wearing green so I wonder if it’s some homage to the Grove Street Families

    • Totally. He looks to be such a character, a proper nutter, and will be the most entertaining to just go all… full-blown GTA as. He’ll have some excellent “action” lines I reckon.

  • Damn you R*, please announce a PC version, if you aren’t then please announce a special edition so i can pre-order this.

    PS. A PC special edition would be awesome.

    PPS. i am fully aware that Rockstar dont like the PC for some reason and released the PC GTA IV 6 months after consoles.

    • Of course there will be a PC version, where do you think this footage came from? No way a GTA game could look this good on current console hardware. R* will announce a PC version once they’ve made their cash from the saps that will buy this at the end of a consoles lifespan. I can wait…

      • Except it’s been clearly stated more than once that this is running on standard console hardware.

        Looking at Red Dead, and knowing that GTA IV was their first development on new hardware (the PS3 at the time), I’m still not quite sure why people are surprised.
        Your face when the console ‘saps’ are enjoying what you saw in this trailer and more, whilst you’re waiting.

        • LOL Take your rose coloured glasses off dude and stop kidding yourself. I own GTA IV & RDR on both consoles and they look shit! RDR being slightly more bearable…You keep telling yourself that it’s (GTA V) worth all $108 on the tail end of a 7 year old piece of hardware’s lifecycle. The fact that you didn’t supply a link to further substantiate your claim screams fanboi to me. This conversation is finished…

          • Can’t tell if serious or just a cunt. 😛

            $108? What time are you living in, 2008? Fanboy of what, exactly? Just because you have a completely ignorant view and I called you out doesn’t make assumptions like that even mildly plausable. I could tell you that I’m not fussed with any of the platforms as I enjoy them all for their own respective strengths/weaknesses, but my preferences don’t matter in the slightest, because at the end of the day I’m just calling it like it is. You’re the one suggesting favouritism, and inadvertently defending a platform of your own.

            The reason I can’t take your comments even half seriously is because… Well shit man, because you’re an idiot. I’m glad you called an end to this ‘conversation’, because quite frankly I don’t have the patience to try and pull your head out of your arse. I think I’ll go with how I started, and conclude that you’re just a cunt.

            But don’t feel too bad, because ‘this conversation is over’, and I’m just some random profile on the internet.
            Then again, you’ll probably pussy out and send a few paragraphs back my way, just like you’ll pussy out when GTA V is released and you don’t want to wait for the PC port. Just saying.

          • Go fuck yourself cunthole! I couldn’t give a fuck about this tired franchise, just stating the obvious…

    • I’d prefer a PC version too, but I’ll buy it on PS3 and then pick up the PC version cheap in a Steam sale a year or so later, kind of like I did with GTA4

      • I did the same thing, only with 360. :p

        Anyways, I can’t imagine playing a PC version of anything without the possibility of potentially modding it later.

        • I got GTA4 on 360 then later on PC, but for GTA5 I’ll be getting it on PS3 in case I want to play online because my Live Gold subscription has expired and I have no intention of renewing it

      • That’s the same as my plan, except for the ‘buy it on a console first’ part.
        Woo patience + steam sales.

  • Is it just me or is it in Franklin’s Trailer, all of his Gang friends are wearing the color green? Grove Street represent? It’s probably just a coincidence but I just couldn’t help but notice 🙂

    • I think it’s safe to say that the Grove Street Families will be back. Being that it’s set in Los Santos and they are wearing green..

        • Carl would be about 20 years older, and not be much use to anybody anyway. :p

          Assuming GTA V is a present day setting.

          • Also assuming GTA V follows the GTA III continuiity and not the GTA IV continuiity.

  • These characters do look interesting. I can’t wait! Rockstar always have great characters in their games, They always have bit of a jaded past but often mean well. John Marston is still one of my favourite of all time. I wonder who the antagonists will be.

  • I’m just waiting until they announce the collectors edition then I’m pre ordering. I’m not generally into the preordering but with GTA I make exception.

    I’m still using my safety deposit box from GTA4 and just last month my rock star keychain broke, so hopefully they will give me a new one.

  • This looks good. Wondering if you choose at the start who you play as, or swap at safehouses, or just alternate missions or even pick at the start of group missions

    • from what Rockstar have released – you will be able to switch at any time, there will be missions which use all 3

  • I stopped playing at GTA 3. It looks like the series has gotten much more involved with developing their character’s backstory. Looks awesome, need to catch up!

  • I love Queens Radio GaGa song, fits Michaels game perfectly imo..speaking of Michael, im loving his story, seems the most grounded and relatable..while Franklin’s on the other hand seemed so used up already, seemed tired already..Trevor’s character is psycho! I like Trevors character as much as I like how Lynch is crazy, one psychotic SOB, his story is not bad I guess, seemed fun…

  • I knew they would! Rockstar are using the face scanning/animation they used for L.A. Noir.

  • Oh wow. I couldn’t have given the slightest shit after GTAIV (which I still can’t work up the energy to finish) but one whiff of San Andreas….

    Dammit, Rockstar, that’s like waving pure cocaine in front of a junkie’s face 😉

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