Here Are The Rules For What You Can (And Can't) Call The Xbox One

The "brand guidelines" for the new Xbox One have been published by Microsoft, and while they're intended for use by people like advertisers and partners, there's still some good stuff in there for people like you and me.

For starters, there's information on logos and fonts, in case your ideas for photoshop jokes must be 100 per cent accurate.

Of more interest though is Microsoft's official nomenclature for the new console, dictating what it can and cannot be called.

Obviously, in most cases, you call it the Xbox One. But you may also call it "console". Or "Xbox One console". Sadly, Xbone did not make the cut.

What you must not do, under any circumstances, is call it the "One". HTC's lawyers are watching. You must also never simply use "Xbox", because that would be confusing. And if you try and create new "X" names to associate with it? God help you.

Brand Guidelines [Xbox]


    Too late, it is the xbone.

      I have a better one.

      XBox One (-der how they are going to sell that thing!)

      (Sorry if there is a double post - activation issues on my end).

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      MS tried renaming "Metro UI" to "Modern/ Win8 UI" - didn't work. Not sure that "Xbone" has the penetration that "Metro" had (given that "Metro" had months and months of exposure, use and discussion to brew in our minds). But still, at least in writing I think I'll keep calling it the Xbone.

        I think its more the fact that basically everyone started calling it that immediately. X1 is doable, but Xbone is more distinct.

      I will continue to call it Xbone. If Microsoft doesn't like it they, too, can get Xboned.

      What? Their guide didn't say anything about transitive verbs ;)

    I will continue to use Xbone despite guidelines

      You are making Microsoft angry. Very angry indeed!

        Then i will see them in court with a class action :P

          Oh, they won't resort to something as blatant as a lawsuit. They'll just curse you with bloated software, a never ending upgrade cycle, and a blue-screen that gives an earth-shattering kaboom!

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            figure i would beat them to the punch and take them to court

    Honestly, when people use Xbone I'm thinking Crossbone. That kinda sounds alright.

      For a real anarchist effect, don't forget to capitalise the 'B' in XBone.

        Get on my super anarchist level. X Bone.

        Last edited 24/05/13 9:13 am

          Let's play our X Bone's together while we share a X-FistBump

    The one, One, X Box, XBox, X.

    I also like to live dangerously.

    Xbone or as I'm now calling it the Xbox:lost and the PS:won (for me Atleast)


    I still like XBone.


    I have never heard of a Console maker telling us what we need to call their console.
    Microsoft realy do hate freedom.

      Its not directed to consumers, its directed to advertisers and subsidiaries to make sure all copy is consistent.

      That said, i feel sorry for everyone working there lumbered with the name.

      Dat xbone

    Micro, soft XBone

      Not much of a bone if it's soft though

        You had to bring in logic and ruin a perfectly average joke, didn't you?

          I'd like to think I took the joke further, by emasculating the Xbone.

    I'm just gonna call it ' The Box.' Sums it all up really. I called my Xbox 360 'The Box' and this one will be the same. I will probably always say to my mates 'Hey, wanna go play some Box?'. Easy. Simplistic and describes perfectly.

      Where is Fun, and what have you done with it? I swear to God, if you've harmed it...

    Meh; I will still call it Xbone. If they don't want us calling it a silly name then they should not have picked a silly name for it!

    Microsoft never accepted the term 'Red Ring of Death' either.

    But it's too late, Xbone is now the name.

    you can't call it xbox but wait you can cause the voice commands require it.


    When a new awesome games released: "Totally got an XBoner..."
    When the console dies"My XBOne is Xboned."

    Something tells me they didn't run the name plast their quality control department...

    Whenever you choose a new name for a product, you REALLY need to focus test it against a group of grade 9 students to try and find a name which has the least catchy perversion.

    "Do Not use 'Xbox' or 'Xbox One' in a possessive or plural form."

    So what do you say when you are referring to a specific thing that belong to the console, and what do you say when referring to a group of them?

      I guess they have to go the whole sentence format of "If purchasing numerous Xbox One consoles..."

      To be fair Xbox Ones sounds pretty dicky, but its their fault for choosing a dicky and nonsensical name.

        "Please send me an Xbox One and while you at it send me another one."

      There's a question - what is the appropriate collective noun? At the moment I'm thinking "A shambles of XBox Ones". Or maybe "A failure of XBox Ones".

        "I will have two Xbox ones please": a sentence that will be spoken by no one ever... Grammar problems solved!

        A panopticon of XBones

    I will continue to use Impact, despite their font recommendations.

    They should have consulted the Nintendo marketing department on how to choose a ridicule free console name.

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