Here Is A Real PS4 Teaser Video

This is an official video for Sony's next home console, not like the flashier fake that made the rounds last week. Not a lot to go on here, but it'll probably be black, right? And square?

Of course, this new drip of marketing represents Sony trying to play spoiler to the imminent reveal of Microsoft's next Xbox, which happens tomorrow. It will be interesting to see just how much — or how little — each company divulges about their next-gen machines before the annual E3 dog-and-pony show starts.


    Are you sure this is real? it looks like i made it it's so badly done.

    Who cares what the box looks like, we allready kknow what the controller looks like.I'll bet you dollars for doughnuts it will be black and it will be vaugely rectangleular with some curves and silver or chome accents.

    If MS turn up tomorrow and show just a controller, I am officially done with consoles...Both have lost the plot and have forgotten why they exist, other than to make a shit load of money. I'll stick with PC where the endgame is up to the consumer.

      Does it really matter what it looks like? The controller is usually more important than the look of the physical console.

        I don't think the look is his issue. I think it is the crappy convoluted self indulgent marketing and the lack of here is the whole thing get excited mentality.

        Console reveals used to be one event where they show the whole thing in all its glory not this step by step pissing match.

        My point is that it's all talk and PR right now. Both have milked current hardware dry and potentially held up progress when the industry has been screaming to move forward. I'm somewhat reluctant to take that journey again on a theoretical device. I want to see it work. I want some boffin to come out with disc in hand, slap it in the device, show me the UI and see this baby run. I put up with enough PowerPoint presentations in my working life that I don't need a hardware vendor doing the same...

          You may want to see it and it may genuinely infuriate you but really, are you looking at this from any angle that matters? Do Sony care what the tiny, impatient gaming community thinks of their reveal strategy? If you call them self-indulgent, will that inspire them to look introspectively at their business practices?

          Hell no.

          They're thinking "people want to know what it looks like, let's string them along a little longer so we build up more interest." And if anyone tries to claim there isn't interest in the look, i'd direct you to the viewership numbers they've been recieving lately. I'm not saying i like it, i genuinely find it annoying but seriously, is there really any valid reason for them NOT to treat the PS4 like it's important?

    I don't think Sony are putting much emphasis on the actually console either, this was just something they probably held out on revealing until just before the Xbox reveal to steal some of the limelight and keep people talking about the PS4. At least Sony's marketing team is working properly. But I want to see the emphasis go back onto the actual games like the PS4 announcement was. Sony have said that's their focus this time around so it'd be good for that to continue

    I assumed that Sony didn't have a final design for the console when they revealed the controller and games. I'm sure it will be a black shiny box with a disc slot and a logo.

      Yeah I remember reading that Shuhei Yoshida said on Feb 20th that he hadn't seen the final design.

    I'm sorry but 0.14 looks like a crotch shot...

      It's nice to know I wasn't alone. This was my face when that image flashed onto the screen

    This absolutely pointless and useless trailer brought to you by... Sony

      The incredibly genius trailer was brought to you by Sony.

      By having you and others comment, watch and talk about it. They've successfully taken some (not much) of the focus away from the Xbox launch.

    I reckon the main reason they haven't shown the box yet is that it doesn't have an optical disc drive, and that's a feature that they don't want to give away just yet.

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