Here's How Assassin's Creed IV Looks On The PS4


    i dont know if its me or me lol but graphic still looks like how it is in ps3 lol

    Just you, there is a clear jump in detail, but considering resources are only just being developed it won't jump out so much. As he said, it allowed a lot of extra small detail.

      lol my guess was right then ... it was just me and me :p

    If there's no frame tearing, level of detail/ shadow popping, and it runs at 60fps that would be a good first step. Then add all the bells and whistles on top.

    The improvement in power doesn't scale 1:1 obviously, whilst it does look better, it's more likely that the improvement in native resolution (without upscale) will be the major change. You'll then have to wait to see which 1st party developer gets enough help from Sony to max out the performance of the console which other devs can then learn from. (most likely naughty dog if history repeats itself)

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