Here’s The First-Ever Official Mobile Dungeons & Dragons Game

Here’s The First-Ever Official Mobile Dungeons & Dragons Game

Has there really never been an official Dungeons & Dragons mobile game? No? Well then I am sure it pleases Dungeons & Dragons: Arena of War to be the first. It’s coming soon to Android and iOS, and I’m not telling you where from because it will only make some of you angry.

Arena of War will see players forming a party of adventurers and taking them on a perilous journey through the Forgotten Realms. There’ll be levelling and combat and collecting things and world events and OK fine it’s from DeNA.

Quick, distract them with hottie demon rogue concept art!

Like G.I. Joe: Battleground, this is another result of DeNA’s partnership with Hasbro. Hasbro owns Wizards of the Coast, who turned all of that Magic: The Gathering money into the purchase of a more worthwhile game in Dungeons & Dragons.

Also like the G.I. Joe title, players can pre-register for Arena of War to get a little something-something when the game launches.

In closing, Dwarf!


  • Wasn’t Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition released on iPad, making it the first mobile D&D game?

  • The “Wave 3/3” in the top left hand corner and the use of the word “Arena” in the title makes me think this will just be another twin-stick shooter, just with D&D branding.

  • Baldurs Gate is out for iOS and has been since last year, they still have it as coming soon for android with no firm date set yet (i am really looking forward to its android release)

    baldurs gate is tablet only, where as i am guessing this will be for all devices

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