Hey, Facebook, Your 'Like' Button Is Ugly. Here Are Better Options.

Can you guess which games each of these icons represent? I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty tired of seeing the bulky, medical-blue 'Like' button on every website and, increasingly, cafes and other random locations boasting their profile pages and begging for interest.

But if they were video game-themed, like those above, they might be more fun and less of an eyesore. Maybe Facebook could take some cues from the artist, Lucas Felipe.

Now you just have to guess which icon matches which game, using our nifty image annotation feature.

[via Dotcore]


    I can only get Dishonoured and Assasins creed.

      I would guess the first 3 as being Street Fighter, AC and MGS. Last one is definitely Hitman as per Weresmurfs observation. Outside of that, I have nothing.

        Another 3 look to be Cloud Strife (3rd top), Kratos (4th top) and Super Meat Boy (2nd bottom).

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