How Big Is The Xbox One? Let's Find Out

Since none of you has laid eyes on the thing yourself, getting an idea of the size of the new Xbox One might be a little tough, even with official measurements.

To help you out, Stephen made this video at the console's unveiling earlier today, comparing the size of the console to...some stuff he had in his bag.

That Macbook Air comparison is actually super useful!


    So, pretty freakin' big...

      Based on those dimensions it's about the same size as my PS3.

        Yep. Guess with todays tech I was kind of hoping for smaller sizes. But we're not using SSD's in consoles yet. When that happens we'll see a dramatic shrinking in size I guess due to less heat output etc etc.

          It still shouldn't be that large. I built a mini-ITX "Steam Box" late last year with virtually the same specs they threw up on the panel (with an SSD/HDD combo of course) and even with the unused disk drive bay, it's significantly smaller than that.

          While my mITX case is mostly empty due to circulation, consoles usually have the distinct advantage of having every component customised to fit in almost perfectly.

          That said, I like how subtle the branding is. It doesn't have a huge X motif like the first one, nor the eye-drawing silver logo in the 360. Rectangular means stackable but yuk at the glossy finish. Make it powder matte black or gunmetal grey.

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            Check out how many vents there are on that sucker. You will *not* want to stack anything on that. Nothing at all. I'm personally guessing you're gonna need a very open area. Like the first gen 360's and PS3's, I can foresee this thing generating a lot of heat.

            Ooh and curious, any pics of your 'steambox' you built???

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              Probably the only thing that I would stack on the machine is the controller when im done playing. I cant count how many times I've tried to do that with my PS3... only to have the blasted things slide right off!

          I can't imagine a SSD would impact the cooling too much given the proximity to CPU's and GPU's that are prone to putting out a lot more heat and would need cooling anyway.

          That said, they could easily adopt a solid state solution in the coming years that has a much smaller profile than a mechanical drive that would assist in shrinking the size of the console. Who know, the next generation in about 2020 (if the past ones lifespan is anything to go by) may do away with physical media meaning the optical drives can also go.

            SSD's can drop the heat in a device substantially compared to a plate drive. My laptop, I swapped out the drive for an SSD a while back, the temp has dropped substantially. Zero moving parts, less power all adds up in the end. I think this will be the last optical generation personally. We're seeing online become more dominant, next generation (if there is one) I personally think will be download only most likely.

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    So it's the same size as the original Xbox? Guess the console has come full circle(360?) back to where it started, with a bloody massive black box

    How much of that is for fan space and heat? Remember how noisy the original PS3 was?

    Embassytown. Good book.

    Is that right - no brick? I thought one of the benefits of having a brick was to keep all that heat at a distance from your console.

    Am I the only one who finds the Xbox One not that big? com on, a macbook air 13' isn't that big!

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