How Does Local News Cover The Xbox One? By Asking The Weatherman


Poor guy. I bet Don Mattrick thinks he’s really backwards.


  • “Pong awl the waaay” Yeah right. When was the last time you really played ‘Pong’. Did you EVER?

    *Edit* What? It’s directed towards the video, not you people. Some people seem highly sensitive?

    • People have massive libraries of games? One of my mates quite rightly pointed out he’s bought a number of games online with the 360 so far, what happens to those now? When they stop making 360s? MS abandoned the Xbox very quickly after the 360 came out, its likely they’ll do the same here. They’re not like Sony who stick with their original consoles for years to come.

      • Yeah, thats all good, the thing is that I’ll buy a next gen console for next gen games and I’ll be keeping my old console for old games… I already have the old console, I’m not getting rid of it, so I dont need backwards compatibility. What bothers me is everything else about the Xbox One…

        • Only problem is if the old console dies a few years later and you have trouble replacing it.

          Then if you manage to replace it, you go to transfer your digital purchases but find that Microsoft switched off that service and no longer support it so you can no longer access those games.

          • I do admit that that is a problem… But in the end… If it dies I will be sad and there will be nothing I can do other than hope for decent emulators. But honestly. Even if the Xbox One had backwards compatibility I doubt I would buy one over upgrading my PC or buying a PS4.

          • I agree the eventual shutting down of the service is the killer here in which case I suspect if I still care then the internets may hold the answer

    • Compared to desktop where games can run on operating systems from 5 to 10 years ago easily and more if you use an emulator/virtual machine.

    • Yeah where did he get $90 from?More like $50-60, and the convienience of beibg able buy them 24/7 from the millions of wall-marts they have.

  • Yeah okay, any American that says “i pay 90 bucks for a game” is either lying or doesnt play games full stop. God shit like this pisses me off, they pay the least out of everyone and they complain the most.

  • “It’s got stuff that cell phones have all got now, I don’t really get it”.
    This pretty much sums up the average person’s view on game consoles.

    • Cannot deny this. We got NOVA3 on our tablet, my son uses our 360 controller with it (android high end tablet) and he said its more fun to him than Halo… mum asked him why he needs a 360 now his tablet does it all?

  • “I have to go out and buy a whole new collection of games?”

    So….. your telling me you would buy a new console, then not want to get any new games? Then why get the new console?

    I agree with weresmurf……. fuck off!

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