I Can't Believe Ubisoft's CEO Takes His Dog Into The Office...

I love my job, I really do. I like the people I work with, I like the office location, I enjoy writing, I love video games... but seriously — when are we going to get an office dog. It is my opinion that all offices should have a big, cuddly, even-tempered Labrador. Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot clearly agrees. He brings his own dog into the office. He knows that it increases efficiency. Who doesn't want to work for a company with dogs in it?

Okay, down to business. This Ubisoft preview video for its E3 conference is weird. It has Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot strolling super casually out of the elevator, being super French. It has a dog which inexplicably just follows him around. He's not even on a leash! Then Yven listens to messages on his super French answer phone from Aisha Tyler about presenting at the conference. It features some seriously avant garde (read: French) cuts to all the different stuff on Yves desk (if that even is his real desk).

Seriously man, what is going on here?


    I watched this earlier today. Perhaps after all of the press the COD guys got from their dog this is just an attempt to get some of that love. OR *places tinfoil hat on* maybe this is a subtle reference to watchdogs, because.. you know... he's watching a dog? Or the dog is watching him... *removes tinfoil hat* who is this guy?

    I would love to be able to bring my dogs to work.

    The dog actually works in Ubisoft support: http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/400x/37512786.jpg

      I'm reminded of my own issues with Ubisoft support:
      Call up about issue on PS3, receive email asking for DirectX Diag log.

    Hrm.. this was bought in to soften the marketing impact of CodDog OR.. this cyborLabrador and CodDog are being used to soften the impact of the yet to be announced NintenDogU.

    Pfft yeah, the CEO has his dog with him. How many other dogs did you see there? Why doesn't everybody in the office have their dog with them? Because it's always the suits who get all the perks while the people who do all the work get the shaft, that's why.

    Awesome write up, Mark.
    Actually makes me want to watch the vid! :D

    The founder of Commodore did the same. I guess it comes with the territory of being a Boss.

    We're allowed to bring dogs into our office. I guess it's ok for the people that like dogs, but for everyone else it's pretty shit. I'd imagine very shit for people who are scared of dogs, but too timid to speak up about it.

      Isn't that an HSE issue? What if somebody is allergic to dogs? Or gets bitten by one of the dogs etc?

      Unless you work at a vet surgery, I guess...

      I'm more of a cat person but even allowing that seems like a recipe for disaster. I would not go in to work in a place that was covered in smelly, attention-seeking, slobbering/barking/whining/whuffling animals all either prowling around looking to burn off energy and excited by all the new sights and sounds and smells (including other dogs and all that species-specific socialization they do).

      Not to mention the fucking insane people who want to bring in their tiny lapdog surrogate children. Some of whom actually call them children.
      "So do you have any children?"
      "Oh, I've got two little ones! My babies are my life."
      I've seen this conversation go on to include the 'babies'' ages and names before either passing undetected into other topics, or having human-specific information like 'are they talking yet?' or kindergarten brought up to bring about the incredibly awkward revelation that this person is talking about pets like they're people.
      To allow someone like that to bring their precious 'children' into the office to fawn and gush over and demand everyone else pay attention to and lavish with praise?

      Yeah. No. I'd be incredibly tempted to adopt a snake to bring in, instead.

        I would not go in to work in a place that was covered in smelly, attention-seeking, slobbering/barking/whining/whuffling animals

        Nor would I. Luckily our call centre is on a different floor :P

          *rimshot* Though you could just as easily be talking about the IT department.

    I remember seeing a video a couple years back with Naughty Dog and they all had their dogs in the office.

    Get that dog some frontiline plus and ear cleaner before it gets an aural hematoma or pillow ear, when they scratch their ears like that they can rupture a blood vessel and it is very painfull.

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