I Hope This Really Is Xbox One Game Box Art

This box art image appeared on the official Battlefield 4 site today. It may not be official, since the console was only officially unveiled today, but I hope it is.

The clean look is a welcome departure from the mess Xbox 360 boxes ended up being, especially when Kinect compatibility was involved.

Thanks everyone who sent this in!


    looks a little photoshopped to me, as in not very well done

    Last edited 23/05/13 8:34 am

    I like it, but it looks suspiciously like a recoloured PS3 case.

      yeah just switch the Xbox One logo to a Blu-ray logo and make the case blue.

        Not a bad thing in my eyes. They're blu-ray discs. so having a case that matches up with other blu-ray media seems logical. Using a vivid green will give Xbone games clear separation from other discs, too.

        Now that you mention it, they have gone to the bluray format, so it would make sense if they used the same case.

    I think it looks hideous, though that could be because it looks like someone used paint and rectangles and filled them with an ugly green.

    As long as the boxes are the same size as the current PS3 game boxes, I don't really care what the art looks like.

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