I Need One Of These Tetris Lamps In My Life

Angus Kidman, the Editor of our sister site Lifehacker, was sent this Tetris lamp thing. At first I was underwhelmed, but once it set up and he showed me how it worked I instantly knew I had to own one. I thought it was simple a lamp in the shape of a Tetris game in progress. It's actually individual Tetris blocks that you can build as you see fit...

And as you build, the metal in the blocks act as a conductor, and spread light through the whole thing. Man, I love this so much.

But I really suck at real life Tetris. I couldn't find a way to make all the blocks work!

You can find out more about the Tetris Lamp here.


    A friend got one for his birthday a fortnight ago. Bought from EB.

      Yep, EB games Australia have been resellers of Paladone products for about a year now.

      Sadly I can't find the Tetris lamp at my local store.

    ozgameshop has them, but with uk plug... to get one from a shop here is an extra 15 or 20 bucks..... Any reviews on how breakable they are? (Can I let my three year old play with it or it is just for "adults" (term used very loosely))

    Yeah I've got a mate who has one of these. It's pretty much a requirement to change it up every time I stop by his place :P

    Try any of the Myer outlets across Aus they have them i tried to get one for Xmas last year but the misses didn't like them.

    I brought one during the last Christmas rush, they still had some at Myer when I was looking over the weekend, not to bad for a little present to myself :D and works very well

    Well I just got one from EB - Damn you MARK!!!

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