I'd Collect The Hell Out Of These Game Of Thrones Magic Cards

What's remarkable about these Game of Thrones characters re-imagined at JermTube as Magic: The Gathering cards isn't so much how convincing they look. It's how much thought was put into making them read like functional Magic cards.

Here are two more sets of 10, click to embiggen:

You can download them individually here, here and here. I'm not sure if these rules quite outdo the outstanding Game of Thrones board game, but man, if someone wanted to make a MTG expansion based on the Game of Thrones universe, I would play it.

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    There's a Game of Thrones LCG (Living Card Game):

    Almost every one of these is a legendary creature, but most of them are commons? Too fake, go do some more magic research then come back with realistic cards.

      More like he didn't bother playing with the block icon settings.

      There have been a few common legends in the past: Chandler and Joven come to mind, from Homelands. Plus all the legend reruns in Masters Edition 3 for MTGO were common.

      Something about MTG research? Didn't quite catch that =)

        2 drop for a 2/1 with first strike and haste as a common? Are you kidding me? Stannis's Ability just isn't good, especially for a 4 drop. Too many debuffs. Can monoblack cards even have extort? I haven't followed rtr, also in all these cards the color comes before the stats and name for putting things on the field. Eg. I'm pretty sure it should be put a 2/2 green wolf creature token onto the field, imstead of what's up there.

          Goblin Striker is a common 1/1 first strike, haste creature for 2 mana, it's not that unbelievable. There are several black cards with extort in Gatecrash. As for the word order on token colour, I used to be a judge for MTG tournaments in Sydney back around 7th edition and even I think that's nitpicking.

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            The difference here is that it's a 2/1. That makes it ridiculously more useful, especially for second turn. And okay, cool that you're a judge (how is this important?) but looking up a few cards, they all go 'stats, color, name'. It just doesn't feel right the other way. Eg. Broodmate Dragon, Ajani Goldmane, I could go on, but it's pointless.

              I don't think what I said was difficult English, but I'll spell it out for you: even as someone whose job it was to know the exact wording of cards and rules, I think you're being a dick about the level of perfection you seem to expect out of a few mock up cards made for a bit of fun.

                I had no trouble comprehending your blabber, it's just not really relevant to anything. Eg. Why should anyone care who you are? Are you trying to make yourself look better through higher 'magic status'? I'd hope someone who -clearly- ranks higher than other people on the magic scale of the world would know what 'just sounds wrong' on a card. A lot of them look broken. I don't claim to know anything about how cards are really designed, but I assume that for the most part they are designed relatively equally. These are clearly not designed in a balanced way. Taking actual cards and changing words would have been better.

                  Good lord. If you don't like them, make your own! Otherwise stop complaining about FAKE cards being imbalanced.

                  Well, grats on still failing to comprehend why I mentioned it. It's nothing about status or care or rank or who I am. I'm saying you've spent two posts going out of your way to try to find the most minute details about these cards to whinge about (most of which you were wrong about) and completely missed the point of why they were made. Not even the top level players and people whose job it is to be anal about card wording are as anal as you're being.

                  They're not real. They don't have to be balanced. They're for fun, wintercold. Wintercold, they're for fun. Fun, wintercold, they're for fun. Those cards there? Those are for fun, wintercold. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shs7VQhVvxA

    I've been playing the Game of Thrones LCG for quite some time now. It's a fantastic game. If anyone in the Ballarat Region wants to play. Hit me up, on steam chat. d303861 is my username.

    Urgh, the creator doesn't have a solid grasp of each colour's psychology profile. Stannis's card should have 0 red in its cost. Hell, it should have an ability to punish you for using red mana. Renly should be green-white, not blue-red. Tyrion is definitely blue-black, not blue-white (it is entirely possible to be a good person and be not white-aligned). Cersei is mono-black... in fact she should cost only black mana, zero colorless, same with The Hound.

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